Abu Gosh

I am quite partial to this wonderful, little village called Abu Gosh.  My husband and I had the privilege to live there for approximately 6 months as we waited for an apartment to be renovated in another area outside of Jerusalem.  Our experience there was nothing but pleasure as this wonderful Arab village has been known to have stood with Israel since the War of Independence in 1948.

You will love the hospitality of the village as they welcome you into their comfortable shops of every kind.  Of course they are known as the Hummus Capital of Israel and I must say their hummus is like non other I have ever tasted.

They have a great Music Festival every year where people come from all over just to enjoy the beautiful music and the atmosphere.  You must also take the opportunity to visit the Crusader’s Church where you will meet the most friendly nuns and priests that welcome you with open arms.  There are many other attractions that you will find as you drive through the beautiful picturesque village where once the Ark of the Covenant rested.  The village name was then called Kiryat Ye-arim.  The village is located 6 miles west of Jerusalem on Highway 1.

When you come to Israel you must try to make arrangements to enjoy this beautiful village.