A time of impartation and visitation in the land of miracles!


Join with Christians throughout the world in experiencing God’s healing touch while touring the Land so close to His heart! Pastor Benny Hinn will be leading this tour personally and Sar-El Tours & Conferences invites you to be changed physically, emotionally, and spiritually on this VERY SPECIAL TRIP to the Holy Land!

If you have any questions about this amazing event, please contact mosheac@sarel-tours.com.

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Country Agency Contact Link
Australia Inner Faith www.ift.net.au/tour/tour-the-holy-land-with-benny-hinn
Brazil Rinata renata@advirturismo.com.br
El Salvador Bosa Tours gerencia@bosatourandtravel.com
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Guatemala Bosa Tours gerencia@bosatourandtravel.com
India Shalom Holy Land Tours contact@shalomholylandtours.com
India (Southern) ESM Tours & Travels esmtourism@gmail.com
Kenya Venture Africa librata@ventureafricasafaris.com
Nicaragua Bosa Tours gerencia@bosatourandtravel.com
Nigeria Israelstar Tours admindesk@israelstartours.com
Thailand Bethel nuan_betheltour@yahoo.com
Zimbabwe Relux Travel tichaonamuzondo@yahoo.com
All Others Sar-El Tours & Conferences mosheac@sarel-tours.com

BHM_logoBenny Hinn will be speaking at 3 world-class events as well as personally overseeing baptisms in the Jordan River. Experiencing these 4 personal encounters alone will change lives forever.

  • Jesus’ Footsteps Event in the Galilee!
  • Healing Event in Jerusalem!
  • Baptism in Jordan River!
  • Global Gathering Event in Jerusalem!