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We are soon approaching the time of year when miracles in the land of Israel are celebrated all over the world: Hanukkah and Christmas Yesterday, President [...]
Everyone loves a story, especially one that rings true every year, one that is passed down from generation to generation And everyone loves a story that when [...]
The Sea of Galilee, also known as the "Kinneret" (from the Hebrew for violin, due to its violin- like shape) is the lowest fresh water lake in the world, and [...]
Limestone Jars at Cana Kazrin The limestone Kosher objects: during the second Temple period and Jesus' time, the Jews believed that stone objects remained [...]
Recently I was privileged to attend the Christian Media Summit sponsored by the Israeli government A fantastic initiative inviting the Christian media from [...]
The Helleborine orchid, Epipactis veratrifolia, is a very rare terrestrial orchid in Israel whose distribution on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea is limited [...]
The "Widow’s Mite" The two small bronze coins mentioned in Luke 21:1-4 not only would have passed through the hands of the widow in the Temple mentioned by [...]
Oil Lamps from Jesus’ Time An entire typology for antique oil lamps has been made in archeology Like today, objects could be made to reflect luxury and [...]
How often do you think about the parables, stories and historical accounts in the Bible Do you ever wonder how the things that we read about really looked, [...]
A particularly impressive journey that one can make upon visiting Israel is to descend from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, a distance of approximately 40 kms (25 [...]
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When visiting Israel, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of museums and exhibitions However, for the history lover and amateur archaeologist [...]
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For those travelling the length and breadth of Israel at this time of the year it is very hard not to notice the tall flowering stems of the Maritime Squill [...]
Last week I wrote in my article Safety in Israel (part 1) about how media bias and obsession with Israel distorts perception of danger levels in Israel I [...]
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Israel is in the public eye more than any other nation or topic in the universe Some people fanatically hate Israel Some people fanatically love Israel [...]
Again, this is a must for everyone to come to this outstanding museum with archaeological artifacts, Judaica and ethnographical collection throughout the [...]
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This is such an exciting moment to walk the ramparts of the Old City  “consider well her ramparts, view her citadels, that you may tell of them to the next [...]
I personally love taking people to this exhibition of history that involves “you” as a participate instead of a spectator in each period of time of [...]
One night while my husband and I were in Tiberius on an evening walk along the promenade of the Sea of Galilee, we happened upon a hidden treasure  I looked [...]
This is a personal story from me as someone who has come from from Bellingham, Washington to Jerusalem   On an everyday excursion into the center of downtown [...]
Hezekiah’s tunnel is also known as Siloam Tunnel located in the City of David National Park right outside of the Dung Gate of the Old City  It is an amazing [...]
Ok to start this blog I have a great story to tell you about a romance that happened during the signing of Israel’s declaration of Independence on May 14, [...]
MOUNT OF BEATITUDES IN THE GALILEE The Mount of Beatitudes is located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee  It is located is a picturesque site [...]
I am quite parcel to this wonderful, little village called Abu Gosh  My husband and I had the privilege to live there for approximately 6 months as we waited [...]
I have to admit that sometimes when I visit the German Colony I do feel like I am in a street in Seattle, Washington  It has the same cute boutique clothing [...]