Discovering Physical Evidence of Biblical Daily Life – Part 3: The Widow’s Mite


The “Widow’s Mite”. The two small bronze coins mentioned in Luke 21:1-4 not only would have passed through the hands of the widow in the Temple mentioned by Jesus, but as a common coin, they would also have been commonplace throughout Israel in Jesus’ time. This coin is mentioned in the Greek text of the […]

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Discovering Physical Evidence of Biblical Daily Life – Part2: Ancient Oil Lamps


Lamps from Jesus’ Time.
An entire typology for antique oil lamps has been made in archeology. Like today, objects could be made to reflect luxury and style for wealthier clients but also could be kept basic and very simple for poorer people. Therefore the quality and beauty of an object such as an oil lamp […]

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The Bible Lands Museum: 10,000 Years of History Under One Roof

Roman coins

When visiting Israel, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of museums and exhibitions. However, for the history lover and amateur archaeologist alike, there is no place quite like the Bible Lands Museum, situated adjacent to the Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem. The Bible Lands Museum features a permanent […]

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