Conferences & Special Events



We are experts at arranging conferences of any size or type. Our event management services include:


Negotiate prices, perks, and logistic support with venues, suppliers, and municipal entities. This service alone generally saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Expert Event Management Consulting

Israeli suppliers inevitably forget to tell event organizers some assumption they made in their service. We review both the big picture and the minutiae to ensure nothing is “lost in translation.”

Communication and Coordination

We do the dirty work of emails, phone calls, and regular meetings in serving your conference director in anything they need.


With all that you will be pouring out for those attending this event… Who will be looking after you? You are the client and we make sure your needs are taken care of so that you can focus on your guests and the event.

Indigenous Representation

When you are in the Middle East you’ll find some peculiarities about the native language.

  • There is an English price and a Hebrew/Arabic price.
  • The is an Tourist-to-Israeli arrangement and there is a very different Israeli-Israeli arrangement. This means that us as locals have a way of getting other locals to do things that a tourist would not be able to make happen.

If you would like to discuss doing your upcoming conference with Sar-El, please know that your business is very important to us. The owner and president of Sar-El Tours & Conferences would like to hear from you. Please email him at


Upcoming Events:

Previous Successes:

  • The March of the Living 2012
  • George Anadorai- Israel Mission 2010
  • Israel Leadership Conference featuring Pastor Jack Hayford- May 1996
  • Pastor Joel Osteen- Historical Night of Hope
  • Joel Rosenberg & The Joshua Fund Tour and Conference
  • Progressive Vision International All Nations Prayer Convocation- every year since 1997
  • Annual Prayer Conference held each January at the Holyland Hotel
  • The Christian Zionist Feast of Tabernacles Conference- held each year at the International Convention Center
  • Church of Christ- International Conference