Independence Hall in Tel-Aviv

Ok to start this blog I have a great story to tell you about a romance that happened during the signing of Israel’s declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948.  The history of this amazing place of the start of this country is always exciting to listen to and to see and to experience.  Now let’s hear the romance story; I have a friend whose parent’s met during the celebration after the declaration was made.  His father saw his future wife dancing in the streets joining in the celebration and fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I heard this story it speaks so much of Israel of new life and new beginnings!

This historical building that was donated by Meir and Zina Dizengoff in 1930 and then in 1932 the house underwent extensive renovations and it became the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The house also exhibits archaeological artifacts and wonderful works of arts with Biblical themes.  To view the pictures on the walls is so interesting and they will capture your imagination of the joy of Israeli’s that night.



16 Rothschild Boulevard

Contact: 03 517 3942, Open Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am – 5pm