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Sar-El Tours and Conferences desire to give you the best travel information that will assist you with planning your trip to the Holy Land. We have included all the information you may need before your arrival, important links, biblical information, and a map browser. In each section you will find the most pertinent information that will make your journey before you come, during your stay, and your leaving the Holy Land pleasant and with ease.

The first question we often get is about safety. Please see the extensive information we have on this topic here.

The tap water in Israel is safe to drink. In the Dead Sea area, certain hotels advise not to drink the water as an extra precaution because of the potentially high sulfur content. Otherwise, the tap water is treated throughout the country just like any westernized country.

Israel Weather Forecast

Throughout the country spring (March-May) is pleasant and sunny weather that may require a jacket. Summer months (June-October) are warm, dry, and sunny in Jerusalem with cool evenings, while the Galilee and Tel Aviv regions are hot and humid. Winter months (November-February) in Jerusalem can be wet with a strong chilly wind, requiring a winter coat and scarf regularly. Other regions of the country generally experience milder winter temperatures. The Negev desert down to Eilat receives very little rainfall in the winter months, but the desert nights often require a coat for layering.

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If you are interested in putting together a brochure or other materials and need a picture, please feel free to use any found on this page. WARNING: Locations are even MORE beautiful in person!

Miracle of Israel by Gary Frazier & Jim Fletcher
Tracing the history of the Jewish people to the present day, the authors look at prophecy after prophecy that clearly attest to the Lord’s miraculous promises. From historical records to personal, dramatic stories, the Miracle of Israel shows us that in keeping epic promises to the nation of Israel, God’s provision for each of us is sure, perfect, and on time, every time. To read, click here.

Israel Holidays
For a list of Jewish Holidays celebrated in Israel, please click below. Note: Where “National Holiday” is listed, most sites and shops are closed.

For Travel Tips from fellow travelers please click here.

As you prepare for an upcoming trip, it is often a good idea to do individual or group Bible Studies. We have many resources available for you to study everything from maps to words to topical Bible Lessons.

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