We are blessed to serve and happy to share what our guests are saying:

Thank you for you, and your company’s commitment to excellence. My experience in Israel has truly been a trip of a lifetime. I hope to visit Jerusalem again soon.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Israel. 
Joel, USA

I want to personally express my gratitude to Sar-El for facilitating the groups that I hosted. Our tours were made very meaningful and spiritually uplifting for the participants. Even though I studied in Jerusalem many years ago and hosted tour groups for six times, every time I am in Israel, I am greatly blessed and strengthened in my faith and knowledge of the Bible. Hope to engage again your services next year.
Nathaniel, Philippines

I’ve been planning for the last 2 months to make contact with you to Thank you for an outstanding presentation. My clients were in awe and so was I. We were truly blessed in leaps and bounds.

Excellent tour company. They just handled our group of 230 from 15 countries and it was seemless! The best tour guides, drivers, hotels, restaurants.
Annette, USA

It truly sealed the deal for all our passengers visiting Israel for the first time. Thank you once again for your passion.
Aby, South Africa

We just returned from our tour in the Holy Land and we had such an unforgettable experience. We could feel the favor of God upon us and we were able to better envision the places of the Bible, to understand the symbols and to see our Messiah in many ways. Everything was so different from what we expected so I am sure that we will never read the Bible the same we did before. Thank you Sar-El especially for planning the itinerary for us. We felt always very safe with our driver and our guide was really experienced and explained us everything we needed and wanted to know. It was one of the best days we had in our life. We really would want to visit again but if it will be not possible we know that one day we will return with Jesus.
Linda, USA

Just returned from Israel with my church. What an experience! This company did not miss a beat. When we were not able to visit a scheduled destination, due to weather, Plan B didn’t seem like Plan B at all. It was seamless for those of us traveling. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have ever known if it weren’t in our itinerary. Everything was well done! Oh! Your tour guides and bus drivers are remarkable!!!
Pam, USA

We recently returned from Israel and I can say with confidence that it left us with a renewed love for the people of Israel and their beautiful country. Our bus driver and tour guide were key to this extra-ordinary experience. Their passion for what they do and their country was visible in every word and action. They became part of our travel-family and whenever we return we would most certainly request them specifically. Sar-El can be proud of these wonderful additions to their team. Thank you for making our first visit to the Holy Land unforgettable. Shalom!
Hannelie & Jan, South Africa

This was my first time to Isreal (April 2018). I am so grateful and so appreciate all the care and expertise of our tour guide and Sar-El. I realize it takes great planning and great attention to detail. We had no worries. Everything was explained thoroughly and was very organized.
Frances, USA

Thank you so much for what you all did for our group when we was in Israel you guys made our group feel so loved. So I would love to thank you.

inclination to research to travel on our own. This was my 2nd visit to Israel but my first was 11 years ago and our tour was only 12 people on a customised tour. I must say that SAR-EL exceeded my expectations and that is not easy to do. Our tour guide was exceptional with a great sense of humour and patience for such a large group. I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide with just the right mix of spiritual and secular knowledge. And our driver was so courteous and contentious.
Deb, UK

Sar-El goes above and beyond! Using Sar-El is a MUST if traveling to Israel!
Randy, USA

We toured with our church in June 2018. The experience was the best we have ever had on a vacation. Hotels, food, transportation were all top notch. I cannot express how wonderful and knowledge our tour guide was. He made our experience. We had the most wonderful bus driver also. Great tour company. Thank you so much.
M Neel, USA

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your staff. Our tour guide was beyond knowledgeable and kind. She was on bus #2. Your bus driver was kind and his driving was unbelievable!!!!

If I or anyone I know in the United States needs assistance with a tour company I will only recommend Sar-El. Toda,
Pamela, USA

Sar-El tours does a wonderful job at making the most of your Israel tour experience. I can’t imagine traveling the Holy Land apart from Sar-El!
Jeff, USA

I have experienced Sar El tours for many trips to the Holy Land. I couldn’t be more delighted with every experience over the last two decades. The consistency, service and sincere desire to serve is unmistakable.
Jim, USA

I have been bringing tour groups to Israel for 16 years now and always use Sar El as our Israel agency. They take the best care of us and our tours are always a great success. I highly recommend using Sar El for your travel needs in Israel!
Naomi, USA

We recently toured with Sar-El. What an amazing, awesome time we had as our guide made the Bible come alive. We appreciated how well our guide and bus driver worked together with our tour leaders and our group to make this a trip we will never forget. They continually went above and beyond the call of duty. May the Lord richly bless you!
Kathy & David USA

Thank you for such a nice trip! The guide knew a lot and our driver was amazing, felt very safe! Your country is so beautiful, I will come back some time!
Margaret, The Netherlands

“We just completed a 15 day tour of Israel. We could not have had a better experience. Our guide was wonderful, he was always available for questions, and had a great wealth of knowledge. He had a large variety of people included in our group of 18. Ages were 23 to 80+.and handled all questions with complete answers. God bless.”
Bob, USA

“Sar-El tours is amazing! The itinerary was fantastic and our tour guide was the best I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve traveled a lot!). The places we saw were unforgettable but it was the information he provided and the spiritual way he provided it that made this tour really special. This tour truly brought the scriptures alive and it cemented my faith. Reading the Bible stories, especially the Gospels, will never be the same. The trip of a lifetime!”
Sam, USA

“We just returned (May 2018) from a tour. What an amazing experience! I hoped going on this trip I would be able to better envision the places of the Bible and have a better understanding and I do! I will never read the Bible the same (In the best way I could imagine!) Every detail was taken care of, the itinerary was well planned, and we always felt safe. You could tell this is an experienced team! I am already dreaming of a return trip in the future.
Carla, USA

“Thanks so much for organizing our amazing tour in Israel. We had such an amazing time and we love Israel and the Israeli people. Thanks to our guide for his great patience, good humour and for teaching us so much about Israeli’s history. Thanks also to our driver who got us everywhere safely and on time, and was always smiling. I hope to come back to Israel again sometime soon.”
Cate, UK

“My wife and I recently returned from a tour of Israel and I just wanted to express our thoughts about the trip as a whole. Many of the members of the group we were with had been there before, however this was our first trip and we just wanted to say that your organization made it a trip we will always remember. The guides and drivers that we had were amazing, bringing many of the sights we visited to life in a way we did not expect. We really just wanted to express our gratitude and to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you so much for your effort in making us feel welcome and appreciated.”
Roger, USA

“We wanted to thank Sar-el for assigning such a great tour guide. The guide’s introduction to Israeli cultures and history helped us understand Israel at a glance. His vivid explanation at different sites also led us time-travel back to the era that we could almost witness the life of Herod the Great or King David. As tourists from a very different cultural background, we all enjoyed this educational and informational trip in Israel. Great service and excellent guide!”  
Anna, Taiwan

Thank you for making the special arrangements so that we could go through Samaria, Jacob’s Well, and Shiloh. I really appreciate the extra effort. It was a highlight of the trip to see Jacob’s Well and the Shechem area. So much more could be written about our experience. The hotels were great, the logistics worked out wonderfully. It was a fantastic tour, and I appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes that we never see but made our experience perfect!
Bryce Klabunde

May I just say that I am one who just returned from an amazing and life changing visit to Israel in with Debra Groller Ministries and plan on returning in June 2014. I felt completely safe and at home every minute of the journey. Sar El’s excellent care of us every step of the way exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you and I would be happy to share my feedback anytime – anywhere – to any one.
Sandy Hicks, Sept. 2012 USA

We were very pleased with every aspect of our tour. We had a great time, and look forward to seeing you again!
Rev. Harry Ferguson, USA

I just wanted to attempt to THANK YOU for all your hard work during the past 10 days for our TBN tour. I was one of the many beneficiaries of your services, and I want you to know just how much it meant to me. I had been saving my money to make my dream come true to finally visit Israel. When I decided to go with TBN, I was so excited, but had no way of knowing just what a treat I was in for! I was put with an awesome group of people and enjoyed all TBN had to offer, but your tour group MADE the trip for me. I was BLESSED to have Rony as my guide, and I can not stop singing his praises! Rony was my favorite part of my whole trip to Israel! He is not only kind and so easy going, he is incredibly knowledgeable about everything having to do with Israel. He was always connecting the dots for us each day, trying to get it to all come together and make sense. He opened my eyes to the geography, history, culture all surrounding the Bible. Since my return, I have been pouring over scripture and seeing it all through new eyes…old and new testament alike. Thank you again for everything you did for us! I will certainly be recommending Sar-El to anyone going to Israel.
Blair Stegall, Sept. 2012 USA

Thank you so much for taking care of our groups so well. You have a great team who works all hours of the day!
Ms. Claudia Chan Tzu Hsien, Taiwan

This was my third visit to Israel. It was different this time in that I lost my purse and passport at my hotel. I was indeed blessed the next day by the kind assistance of a Sar-El staff member, who took my friend and I to the police station to file a report, to have passport pictures taken, and to the Consulate to apply for a replacement passport. Although I was halfway across the world from my home, the Lord blessed me with someone who went the second mile with me and made sure that I had the documents I needed. I cannot express my gratitude except to say that I will highly recommend Sar-El Tours to my friends!
Ms. Anna Rientjes, USA

“We had a wonderful tour. Planning and accommodations were excellent. Our tour operator was a great communicator and made arrangements exactly as we asked.”
Gary Nelson, USA

“Sar-El Tours is great, we learned a lot. Keep up the good work. We have to work with Sar-El in the future. We appreciate all of our stay here in Israel. God Bless.”
Fr. Pagcaliwagan, Philippines

“Words truly fall so far short … we were so blessed to visit your beautiful land and meet the wonderful Israeli people – foremost being the two of you (Noam & Deborah, Sar-El staff). Thank you again for your many kindnesses. The miracle of healing in my father’s body after his accident began the moment Noam (Sar-El staff) buckled his seatbelt and began speaking calming words of truth, grace, and peace over both of us. Thanks also to the staff of Sar-El – all ministered in the manner of Yeshua, even if they do not yet name him as messiah.
Brian, USA

“Truly, you have a wonderful tour agency! I would never think to deal with anyone else. You take good care of your customers.”
Bob Wickline, USA

“Just wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we experienced on our Israel tour. We especially appreciated our driver and our tour guide. Our driver not only was an excellent driver technically, but also was protective, caring and made sure we were always safe and taken care of. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable not only about the Bible and the history of Israel, but smoothly wove in her breadth of knowledge about sociology, economics, and politics of the Jewish people. This so helped us experience Israel from many perspectives. We will certainly highly recommend a Sar-El Israel tour!”
Son Shine Girls, USA

“Great trip, the group thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The guides were very informative, caring, and flexible.”
Pastor Derald, USA

“Thank you for taking good care of us while we were in Israel!”
Ms. Maryann Tria, Philippines

“I want to thank you for making our unfortunate situation with the broken ankle easier for us to handle. Your expertise and “take-it by-the-horns” efforts at the hospital were more than we could have ever managed ourselves! You got right in there and efficiently got everything we needed to be discharged. You were a gem talking with us, bringing us a gift and making us feel more comfortable. Thank you so much for your help! We so appreciate you taking us to the Ramada Hotel and going to Dan Boutique to get our luggage…everything!!!! God sent you to us at just the right time and I am thankful for His choice and His blessing! Please know that we praise God for you and your ministry-you truly are serving Him!”
Deb Paul, USA

“At Sar-El we were well met and cared for. Our whole experience has been a blessing!”
Ken Trestrail, England

“The care we received at Sar-El was individualized and sincere, the knowledge was profound and contemporary; an amazing quality tour!”
Sharon Hayston, Australia

“Sar-el was there for us even when we arrived late due to flight delays. I emailed them as we learned of the delays & they had a driver for us at 12:40am when we originally were supposed to arrive at 3:20pm! The driver welcomed us, helped us load & unload our bags & was delightful to visit with. He drove us safely to our destination. Thank you Sar-el!”
Julie Smith, USA

“We are extremely grateful for Sar-El Tours & Conferences’ involvement in the forum and their intensive engagement as well as their help in coordination, logistics and generous contribution. We greatly appreciate Sar-El’s partnership with Firstfruits in encouraging and assisting the next generation to start and grow businesses in the Land.””
Mordechai Wiseman, Founder Israel Firstfruits

“Boker Tov! I recently returned to the US from a 10 day journey in Israel with my church. What a blessing and profoundly moving experience. I find that Israel and the living word of God are ever present in my mind. Thank you so much for knowledgeable guide provided. Our guide was David, but I fail to remember his last name. His knowledge and passion are contagious! Thank you again and may God continue to bless you! Shalom.”

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