The German Colony in Jerusalem

I have to admit that sometimes when I visit the German Colony I do feel like I am in a street in Seattle, Washington.  It has the same cute boutique clothing stores, jewelry shops, small grocery stores, flower shop, hair shops; basically everything that you need.  Oh I can’t forget the incredible coffee shops and restaurants.  This place is known for good restaurants with great food!  If you happen to come on a Friday to visit, there seems to always be a craft fair somewhere in the area which has the great artist bringing their creations.

The German Colony was founded in 1873 by the German Temple Society from Wurttemberg, Germany.  The colony is located in the Refaim Valley, southwest of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Most of the architecture is designed in the German style like farmhouses with family like inviting decor on the outside. But all of the houses have stayed true to the Jerusalem stone building material.

This is the most interesting, delightful place to visit for a free afternoon to just browse around and enjoy the weather and the people of the German Colony.