“The Sar-El Difference”

We believe there is a difference between Sar-El Tours & Conferences and other travel agencies. Maybe you’ve worked with others already and are ready to experience… The Sar-El Difference (see below).

logo Sar-El Tours & Conferences So What?
In Business 20+ Years? Yes – In the Middle East you have to be careful not to work with those who look for immediate gain. We believe that our relationships with partners for over 20 years shows that we serve with integrity.
– Through wars and rumors of wars, Sar-El has remained a leader in Christian tours to Israel. You can trust Sar-El to remain rather than worry that your money will end up in bankruptcy court with a new agency.
Jerusalem Office? Yes – Most of your days will be spent in Jerusalem. Our offices are in the Jerusalem suburbs where we can serve you with on-site managers and attention to detail!
Tiberias Office? Yes – The second most number days during your trip will be spent in Tiberias/Galilee. Almost no Agencies have an office in both Jerusalem AND Tiberias! Whether a tourist sprains and ankle and needs to go to the doctor or you need someone to speak to your group, our staff are ready to come to your aid!
Has a 200+ person theater in Tiberias Yes – Do you want to speak to your group? Have a Bible Study? Tiberias can be over 100 degrees Farhenheit in the summer with 60% humidty. An air conditioned theater to host your quiet time can make all the difference for an intimate spiritual experience.
Staff Dedicated to Hospitality? Yes – We have full time staff who do nothing but ensure your trip is a smooth experience. They help you check in at the hotel and ensure all is going well.
Buying Power of 50,000+ Tourists per Year? Yes – You have the 500 pound gorilla in your corner. When others cannot get the rooms you need at the price you need, Sar-El gets it done.
Incoming Tourism Exclusively? Yes – Sar-El does not send people from Israel to the rest of the world. We ONLY bring people in. Our focus is on you. No distractions. That brings our expertise to a new level.
Christian Expertise?
(95% of Clients are Christian)
Yes – We know Christians like no other agency in Israel. Not only do many of the staff share faith in Jesus (Yeshua) but we also focus on Christians for 95% of all our guests.
Employs more Christians/Messianic Jews than any other organization in Israel? Yes – We are blessed to be a large office and able to provide salaries for deacons, elders, pastors, and many laymembers of the Israeli believing community.
– Each group using Sar-El enables us to employ a young believer who can then make a living and support a family.
Group Expertise?
(98% of Clients are groups)
Yes – The handling of a group is different than families, individuals, and business clients. We know groups inside and out.
– We’ve done every group imaginable including political groups, VIP groups, Church groups, Student groups, etc.
Has over 500 licensed tour guides avialable for use? Yes – Our tour guides are licensed in many many different languages.
– We vet our guides and prioritize the best so that you receive the best guides in all Israel.
Has the guides always perform guiding “with Bible in hand” Yes – Guides base all their guiding on the Word of God. While they can help pull in information from Archeological sources, the base of all teaching is the Bible itself.
– Compare this with a guide who fails to tell the New Covenant application at Caesarea. Is it just an amphitheater or also the place Apostle Paul was sent out to the Nations? The place where Herod had a palace or the place that Peter met Cornelius and the Gospel reached the Gentlies in a new wave of Evangelism? That is the difference of guiding “with Bible in Hand.”
Donates Profits to Local Christian Causes Yes
Has a customized web-based program/database for all tour details (not excel files) Yes – Planning a trip to Israel is all about details Details DETAILS! We have a web-based database customized for use only in Israel that tracks every single site appointment, meal, hotel rooming list, etc.
Has served politicians like Presidential candidates, senators, cabinet members of heads of state, etc. Yes – Experience like this is only obtained over many years of high reputation for service.
– Sar-El knows how to manage these special types of groups including special assistance at the airport, exclusive visits to sites, etc.
Has served professional athletes from NFL, NBA, Boxing, etc. Yes – The truth is that these individuals love coming to Israel because they can take a break from the spotlight. We’ve found that these stars love coming to Israel and return as better ambassadors to their sport.
Can provide protective security for VIPs Yes – Though the security never is needed (praise God), it’s still fun to drive around with former Israeli Navy Seals and other special operations types.
Retains liability Insurance for every tour and conference Yes – Keeping people safe is the number one priority!
Works with major Christian T.V. regularly Yes – Sar-El has worked with T.V. more than any other agency and intimately understands the needs that accompany such aspects of touring Israel.
– If you need connection to a Christian T.V. station like TBN or others, we are able to help make that connection for your event in Israel.
Welcomes every group in the secure area of the airport before they even get their bags?! Yes – You may have been delayed in your flight or land delirious and forget who was in your group. The Sar-El airport representatives help gather your group before they even get their luggage.
Has tour operators that speak:
English Yes – Fluent English and Native English only. Not broken English that will leave you struggling to decifer emails.
Spanish Yes ¡por supuesto Español!
Portuguese Yes
French Yes La plus belle langue!
German Yes
Chinese Yes 荣幸的父亲
Dutch Yes
Russian Yes
Arabic Yes اللغة العربية: لغة الضاد،من أغنى لغات العام وأكثرهم انتشارا،ولغة مقدسة !!
Italian Yes Il linguaggio dell’amore!
Polish Yes
Hindi Yes भाई, की चाय पीते हैं
Amharic Yes
Hebrew Yes לשון הקודש… מאז ועד עולם!
And more… (Manipuri, Rongmei) Yes Gaina bam dei?
Provides complimentary baseball cap to every tourist Yes – A little thank you from Sar-El that is especially useful in the summer!
Provides complimentary Backpack to every tourist Yes – You have enough to lug around in getting here that you will want this little bag for souvenirs and suntan lotion.
Provides complimentary Israel map to every tourist Yes – Plot your journey as you adventure through the Land of the Bible!
– Free!!