Sample Itineraries

1029Catholic Itineraries

7-Day Holy Land Pilgrimage (see below)
8-Day Holy Land Pilgrimage (see below)
9-Day Holy Land Pilgrimage (see below)
10-Day Holy Land Pilgrimage (see below)

Cultural & Diversity Itineraries

Culture and History Tour
General Interest Israel Tour
Humanitarian / Service Tour
Modern Day Israel

515Messianic Itineraries

Local Believer Connections Tour
New Covenant Realities Tour
Hear O Israel, the Lord is One – 12 Day Tour

1160Israel-Jordan Itineraries

Israel and Petra 9-Day Tour
General Interest Israel & Jordan 10-Day Tour
Us and our Neighbors

1159Nature & History Itineraries

Archeological Tour
Nature Tour
Ecotourism 7-Day

…and MORE!

Family Interest Tour
Joshua Generation – 10 Day Youth Tour
Holy Land Fun – 10 Day Youth Tour
College Student Tour
Adventure Tour
Bicycle Tour
Mobility Challenged Tour