Discovering Physical Evidence of Biblical Daily Life – Part4


Limestone Jars at Cana Kazrin The limestone Kosher objects: during the second Temple period and Jesus’ time, the Jews believed that stone objects remained pure despite coming into contact with impure elements. Therefore, limestone wares were commonly used by Jews including the Pharisees and Sadducees to remain pure before God. The limestone objects for Kosher […]

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Israel Government Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem

Recently I was privileged to attend the Christian Media Summit sponsored by the Israeli government. A fantastic initiative inviting the Christian media from around the world to Israel. The interest shown, and the response from so many media outlets answering the call to Israel demonstrates that there are real, true friends of Israel in the […]

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Discovering Physical Evidence of Biblical Daily Life – Part 3: The Widow’s Mite

The “Widow’s Mite”. The two small bronze coins mentioned in Luke 21:1-4 not only would have passed through the hands of the widow in the Temple mentioned by Jesus, but as a common coin, they would also have been commonplace throughout Israel in Jesus’ time. This coin is mentioned in the Greek text of the […]

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