A Guide To Biblical Israel Tours

A Guide To Biblical Israel Tours

Planning to visit Israel but have a limited time? Given the numerous biblical Israel tourist spots you can visit, you might have a hard time picking where to go, which to prioritize or spend more time with particularly if you only have less than a week to go around Israel. Israel might be a small country in terms of land area but it is littered with tourist attractions wherein some are biblical sites, some are modern sites like the Yad Vashem, and some are ruins and remnants of the past empires that visited Israel. There are said to be thousands of destinations in Israel given its diverse culture and the influence of different religions present in the country. There are plenty of biblical Israel tours you can avail but it is always best to check out the places you want to prioritize going to and have the best tour guide for the best Israel trip experience. Here’s a simple guide to planning biblical Israel tours to ensure you get to visit the places you want to visit.

Getting the Right Tour Guide

Whether you are visiting Israel for the first time or returning to visit other biblical spots you haven’t checked out before, getting the right tour guide is the first crucial step. Tour guides must not only know which places to go, your biblical tour guide must also have the correct and accurate information about the place and the events the took place on that spot. The best tour guides would also explain to you about the Jewish culture and understanding of things and events in the bible which foreigners tend to misinterpret. Having the right tour guide will help you understand events in the bible and give you a totally different experience.

Cities and Routes

Israel is a small country and going around doesn’t require you to catch a flight. Two major cities of interest when it comes to tourist destinations are Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and both are just an hour of travel away via public transportation. However, most of the biblical Israel tours feature locations in the Holy City of Jerusalem given that there are many biblical events in both the Old Testament and New Testament that took place in this city. Check out our recommended Jerusalem tours here. Another popular destination for biblical Israel tours is the Sea of Galilee where Jesus Christ did his ministry along with his disciples. Going to the Sea of Galilee from Jerusalem takes around two hours. Another popular destination is Bethlehem which is just 30 minutes travel away from Jerusalem.

Overall, we highly recommend selecting Jerusalem as the starting point which most biblical Israel tours also recommend given the number of biblical events the took place in this city. From Jerusalem, you can plan a route visiting the other places nearby. Also, our excellent tour guides can help coordinate and plan your route from the very beginning. Contact us today and connect with our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, we will help you plan and create your biblical Israel tour and ensure you’ll have a memorable Israel tour experience!