A Guide To Dead Sea Tours


The Dead Sea is one of the most popular and top-rated Israel tourist attractions given its unique characteristics and offerings that you cannot find elsewhere on earth. Dead Sea tours offer more than just visiting the iconic body of water, there are resorts, hotels and fun recreational activities you can do at the Dead Sea such as the Dead Sea mud baths and spa. More than swimming on the waters of the Dead Sea, there are more fun and cool things to do at the Dead Sea region which you must check out when you book a Dead Sea tour. Let’s check out what the Dead Sea region has to offer below.

Check out the Dead Spa Spas

The waters of the Dead Sea is the saltiest water on earth given concentration of minerals and salts present in it. While there are no living creatures that can survive such waters, the mud found on the Dead Sea are known to have medicinal and cleansing properties. Many resorts offer the popular Dead Sea mud bath for such purposes. Hence, there’s plenty of mud on the beaches of the Dead Sea. Most Dead Sea tours offer these popular mud baths aside from swimming in the Dead Sea itself.

Visit Dead Sea Salt Caves

There are majestic salt caves on the south side of the Dead Sea. The salt caves offer an out-of-this-world experience given that there’s nothing like it on earth. The salt caves also lead to the salt mountain of Sodom. Checking out the salt caves would require some preparation so make sure you inquire about it from an expert tour guide before booking it in your Dead Sea tour.

Visit Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi is situated west of the Dead Sea which is also a biblical site. There’s a waterfall in Ein Gedi that’s believed to be King David’s hideout during the time he was running away from Saul. The Ein Gedi is a beautiful oasis near the Masada Desert. Consider visiting when you arrange your Dead Sea tour.

A Guide To Dead Sea Tours

The Dead Sea region offers a host of other activities aside from getting into the waters of the sea itself. If you are ready to grab a Dead Sea tour and visit one of the world’s most unique bodies of water, contact us to get assistance from our expert tour leaders and we will ensure you’ll have the best of the Dead Sea and Israel.
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