One of the popular Israel tourist destinations as well as a popular Christian pilgrimage activity is the Jordan River baptism. This river is the very waters where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ making it one of the most sacred biblical sites in Israel. The river flows from the Sea of Galilee, which is also another popular tourist destination in Israel, to the Dead Sea which is 420 meters below sea level and also the saltiest body of water on earth. Going to the Jordan River is just a two-hour travel away by land from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

The Jordan River in the Bible

The Jordan River has been mentioned several times in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. It is the river that David crossed to escape Absalom’s rebellion. In 2 King 2, Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan River before Elijah gave his double portion of anointing upon Elijah and being taken by a whirlwind into heaven. In the New Testament, the Jordan River baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist is perhaps the most popular biblical event in the river. This biblical event is one of the foundations of the Divine Trinity of God. Hence, these events made Jordan River a popular destination and baptismal site.

Jordan River Baptism Procedure

Baptisms in the Jordan River is supervised by the Israel Ministry of Health. Hence, there is a standard procedure that needs to be followed for anyone that wished to be baptized. There are 12 baptismal pools in the Jordan River and one needs to acquire a permit and baptismal kit before proceeding. A baptismal kit that contains a white robe, towel and baptismal certificate which must be purchased. This includes the entrance and usage on one of the baptismal pools. There are local clergies that can conduct the baptism but anyone is also welcome to conduct their own baptism. Contact us if you wish to have one of the local clergies to baptize you.

Baptism in the Jordan River is open the whole year round. During summer, water in the river is around 28 degrees Celsius, around 15 to 17 degrees Celsius during the Israel winter season which runs from October until March. Having a Jordan River baptism to some is a life-changing experience particularly to Christians. If you plan to visit Israel and have the baptism, contact us to schedule your Jordan River baptism ahead of time.