A Guide To Tel Aviv Beaches


Tel Aviv beaches are some of the most popular Mediterranean beachfront offering a host of recreational activities aside from swimming, sunbathing and typical beach activities. Tel Aviv beaches are packed with hotels, bars, restaurants, parks and fishing ports. The beaches at Tel Aviv has a lot of things to offer making it one of the most popular Israel tourist attractions. The Tel Aviv beach have unique offerings that you cannot find elsewhere in the world, let’s check them out below.

Modern Promenade

The Tel Aviv promenade is beautifully situated along the Bograshov Beach to Jerusalem Beach. It is the very definition of a modern city’s coastline wherein the promenading paths separate the sandy shoreline. The Promenade is enjoyed by many from pedestrians to bicyclist and other people in between. Whether you want to enjoy the water or the spacious promenade, the Tel Aviv Promenade is the place to go and meet new friends or hang out at nearby restaurants and bars.

Ancient Ports

Aside from the Tel Aviv beach, Tel Aviv also boasts a mixture of modern and historical ports. One of the popular Israel tourist spots is the Jaffa Port, the ancient port of the city of Jaffa. Jaffa is littered with archeological and ancient structures from stonewalls and stone houses. The port also gives access to fishing as a recreational activity. You can also find restaurants near the Jaffa Port and taste the freshest catch straight to your plate.


There are also parks along the Tel Aviv beach which are also ideal for recreation and activities. Parks along the Tel Aviv beachfront include the Independence Park, Charles Clore Park, and Midron Yaffo Park.

Aside from the Tel Aviv Promenade, Parks and Ports, you can also find museums and archeological sites near the Tel Aviv beach. Next time you visit Israel, consider hanging out at Tel Aviv beach for fun under the sun and more.
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