Advantages of Israel Private Tours

Advantages of Israel Private Tours

Choosing between a group tour or private tour in Israel? There are many advantages Israel private tours offer over group tours. Whether you are traveling to Israel for a life-changing Christian pilgrimage and visit some of Israel’s biblical sites or hopping on to one of the many tours options in Israel, you might want to know the big difference between getting a private tour or joining a group tour. There are numerous tourist attractions in Israel and one week might not be enough to really get a grasp of everything Israel has to offer. What are the advantages of getting Israel private tours? Let’s find out below.

Customization and Options

Israel might be a small country compared to most countries but the land is littered with tourist sites given the history, culture and influences Israel has. There are biblical tours, culture tours, food tours and other tours in the cities of Israel. With most group tours, customization is very limited and basically, you need to stick with the tour as planned. If you want to visit specific sites in Israel and create your own route, best to avail Israel private tours where you can choose your destinations and dates.

Personalized Experience

In most group tours, there’s a limited time to visit a particular destination. With private tours, you can tell your tour guide your preferences and stay as long as you want to a particular destination. For example, if you want to get baptized in Jordan River wherein it would require a permit from the Israel Ministry of Health and other preparations to get it done, it would be best to grab a private tour with us and talk to our expert and friendly tour guides about it.

Our expert tour leaders can provide more detailed information regarding biblical sites, museums, artifacts and archeological matter in a private tour. Compared to group tours, you can interact with our tour guide freely and ensure you get the best Israel tour experience. Learn more about our services today grab one of our Israel private tours today!