Dear Agent





Of the tens of thousands of tourists coming with Sar-El each year, approximately 98% of our groups come from partner agents. Our business model is based on the successful partnership with agents just like you throughout the world. As a veteran wholesaler we not only understand how to serve our partner agents with great pricing, we also know how to serve your groups transparently so that your agency gets the credit for each successful trip.

If you are an established agency looking to add another land operator in Israel, we’d be happy to quote you on your itineraries. If you are an up and coming agency, we’d love to talk about how we can help bring our 20+ years of experience and impeccable reputation in Israel into your service.

We can do just about anything you need having done the whole range of groups. We do FIT’s and familiarization trips. We’ve done mega-groups of 2,000+ such as Trinity Broadcasting Network. VIP groups are not a problem having done groups of US Congressmen, Pop Stars, top level Professional Athletes, and Hollywood actors. Click here for a list of past clients.

We have the capacity to do any type of trip you need. It’s not that we don’t have specialties… it’s just that our office is so large that we have many people with specialties and if we listed them all, it wouldn’t sound like it is a specialty. But truly, we have experts in price negotiations, managing buses, training guides, youth trips, mission trips, conference management, videography, ancient history, modern Israeli history, and on and on. For an abbreviated list of services we provide to our partner agents please click here.

We recognize you have options when choosing with whom to partner in the Holy Land. We know that many have been burned by unreliable people despite the fact we call this the Holy Land. We want to reassure you that Sar-El is different and that we believe there is no one who can serve you better than us. Please click here to understand…






Glenn Beck

Radio and Television Host

Omar Cabrera Jr.

Vision de Futuro

Matt and Laurie Crouch

Trinity Broadcasting Network


Youth With a Mission

Dr. Charlie Dyer

Moody Bible Institute.

Jonathan Falwell

Vice Chancellor, Liberty University

Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Senior Pastor, Free Chapel


Trinity Broadcasting Network

David Cerullo

Chairman and CEO, INSP

Dr. Mark Bailey

President, Dallas Theological Seminary

Pastor David Hocking

President, Hope for Today


Christian Broadcasting Network

Pastor Joseph Prince

Senior Pastor, New Creation Church (Singapore)

Dr. David Reagan

Founder and Director, Lamb and Lion Ministries

Rev. Perry Stone

Voice of Evangelism Ministries

Pastor Nathanael Banza

EbenEzer Ministries, Netherlands and Congo

Jonathan Bernis

President & CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries International

Pastor Greg Laurie

President, Harvest Ministries


International School of Ministry

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Jesus Calls

Dr. O.S. Hawkins

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church

Dr. Jack Hayford

Founder and Chairman, Jack Hayford ministries

Mark Williams

Church of God

James McDonald

Founder and President, Harvest Bible Chapel

Manny Pacquiao

Senator & Boxing Champion


American Family Association

Dr. Peter Tan Chi

Senior Pastor Christ Commission Fellowship

Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo

Senior Pastor Bethany International Church

Dr. Dennis Lindsay

Christ for the Nations

Kay Arthur

Co-Founder of Precept Ministries