Biblical Israel Tour: Dead Sea Region


The Dead Sea region is a popular tourist destination not only because of the Dead Sea itself but also the other archeological, biblical and natural sites present in the region such as the Salt Caves and Mount Sodom. There’s also the very popular Dead Sea spas and resorts that offer treatments that use the Dead Sea salt and mud. Hence, the Dead Sea region is also home to biblical sites that are places of interest included in biblical Israel tours. Let’s check out some of the most popular biblical sites in the Dead Sea region below.

Mount Sodom
 Biblical Israel Tour: Dead Sea Region

A hill located in the southwestern part of the Dead Sea, popularly known as the location of the city of Sodom which was destroyed by God with sulfur and fire according to the Book of Genesis. A pillar of salt standing in the hill called “Lot’s wife” is a popular destination. Many include visiting Mount Sodom on their biblical Israel tour not only to visit the place but also to reflect on how God punishes wickedness.


A dry plateau located in the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea scrolls are found on the caves here. There are 972 manuscripts found at Qumran which includes the Isaiah scroll, the scroll where the entire Book of Isaiah is derived from. Checking out the caves is highly recommended in biblical Israel tours given its great significance to the completion of the Bible.

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is an oasis and a nature reserve located in the west of the Dead Sea. It is a popular tourist destination and biblical Israel tour itinerary given its natural beauty and allure. In the Bible, Ein Gedi is known to be the place where David sought refuge from King Saul. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is also popular for its nine hiking trails.


Masada is a natural fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. Herod the Great fortified Masada and took refuge in it for himself in the event of a revolt. Also, when David returned after running away from King Saul, biblical scholars believe the ‘stronghold’ David was referring to in 1 Samuel 22.4 is the Masada. Today, the Masada National Park is a popular Israel tourist destination, check out our guide to Masada tours here.

The Dead Sea region doesn’t just offer some of the most unique places on earth to check out, it also features interesting biblical sites Christian pilgrims can visit to reflect and study the evidence of events in the Bible. Check out our guide to the Dead Sea tours here. Interested in touring the Dead Sea region and Israel? Contact us today to get assistance and from our friendly and expert tour leaders. We will ensure you will have the trip of a lifetime here in the sacred land of Israel!
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