Biblical Israel Tourist Spots to Visit

Biblical Israel Tourist Spots to Visit

Israel has long been regarded as the biblical Holy Land where Jesus Christ walked on Earth. There are a lot of historical places in Israel given the numerous events that took place in this small country. For the past 2000 years, Israel underwent many major events such as war and invasion even before Jesus walked on Earth and even after the fall of the Roman Empire. Many empires left footprints in this Holy Land which are some of the most popular Israel tourist attractions to date. Hence, if you are interested in visiting the places where events in the bible took place, here are some of the popular biblical Israel tourist spots to visit.


Bethlehem is a town located south of Jerusalem which is known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. This is also where Rachel died and buried when she was giving birth to Benjamin in the book of Genesis which was then known as “Ephrath”. The tomb of Rachel is marked as a holy landmark as she’s regarded as a natural protector of the Jewish people. Many go on a Christian pilgrimage in Bethlehem to see the place where Jesus began his journey on Earth.

The Jordan River

Another of the popular biblical Israel tourist spots to visit is the Jordan River that flows north to south through the Sea of Galilee. This is where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist which can be read in the book of Matthew in the New Testament. There’s a baptismal site on the river is called “Yardenit” which is open for those in a pilgrimage. There are 12 accessible baptismal pools where baptisms can be conducted which is supervised by the Israeli Health Ministry.

Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee isn’t just a historical place where a lot of events in the bible took place, it is also a beautiful place to visit. This is where a lot of Jesus’ ministry took place including miracles like Jesus and Peter walking on water and the feeding the five-thousand people on the shores of Galilee.

Valley of Elah

Another popular Israel tourist spot is the Valley of Elah which is situated in the lower hills of Judah. This is the location where David and Goliath fought in the first book of Samuel in the Old Testament. Tourists are welcome to hike on the trails and fields covered with sunflowers, red anemones, lupines, different herbs and others.

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is said to be the place where the ‘transfiguration’ occurred. Also, there are many passages in the bible that mentions the mountain particularly in books that David wrote. While only the southern and western slopes of the mountain that’s part of the Golan Heights that Israel governs, there’s a lot of recreation facilities in the area including ski resorts.

These are just some of the many biblical Israel tourists spots we highly recommend visiting. To ensure you can have a good experience visiting these popular tourist spots, we also highly recommend connecting with a local tourist guide. Contact us today and allow us to help you get the best experience Israel has to offer.