Desert to Mount Moriah – 8 Day Tour


Day 1: Arrive to Eilat
Day 2: The Negev & Southern Israel: Visit and be guided thru the Timna Tabernacle Replica;
Half-Day Leisure in Eilat where you could swim the clear waters or snorkel along the Red
Sea’s beautiful coral reef.
Day 3: The Negev & Southern Israel: Travel thru the Arava Valley and Negev Desert where
you could witness for yourself the fulfillment of prophecy as mentioned in Ezekiel 36:35.
We’ll visit the ancient city of Tel Arad before heading to our hotel at the modern city of
Day 4: The Judean Wilderness: At Qumran we’ll see the ancient town where many of the
Dead Sea Scrolls were written and later found. Time to swim in the Dead Sea; later we pass
Jericho and up to Jerusalem for a Panoramic View of the city.
Day 5: Jerusalem of Today, Bethlehem of Yesterday: Kiryat Jearim (Abu Gosh), where the
Holy Ark was kept before going up to Jerusalem; Israel Museum – Shrine of the Book where
some of the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display. There we will also see a model of ancient 2nd
Temple Period Jerusalem.
Day 6: In the Footsteps of Jesus-the Holy City: We’ll walk thru the Old City Jewish Quarter;
visit the Temple Institute, where you’ll learn about the 2nd Temple; Model of the First
Temple, Western Wall Tunnel, Temple Mount, Southern Steps where we will see the actual
steps which led up to the Temple.
Day 7: Samaria: At Tel Shiloh we’ll see the area where the Tabernacle was placed. Visit a
modern Synagogue at Shiloh modeled like the Tabernacle; return and tour other sites in
Day 8: Depart from Ben Gurion Airport.

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