Experiencing Israel – 10 Day Tour


A very well rounded tour, especially for first-timers!

Day 1: Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, transfer to hotel along the Mediterranean coast.

Day 2: Onward towards Galilee: At Caesarea we’ll visit the remains of the ancient port city of
King Herod; learn about its history and scriptural events from the book of Acts. We will then
travel to Mt Carmel, the site of Elijah’s battle with the Gods of Baal. At Tel Megiddo you’ll
overview the Valley of Armageddon and walk thru 25 levels of civilization; then on thru
Nazareth and Cana and on to Mt. Arbel for a magnificent overview of the Sea of Galilee.
Overnight in Tiberius.

Day 3: In the Footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee: The day will start with a boat ride on Sea of
Galilee. At Ginosar we’ll be able to see for ourselves the remains of a 2000 year old fishing
boat from the period of Christ. We’ll also see Tabgha with its unique mosaics, visit the ruins
of Capernaum “His Own Town”, and then head up to the Mt. of Beatitudes, the sight of the
“Sermon on the Mount”. We will see the ruins of Bethsaida and also visit Kursi at the “Land
of the Gaderenes”. We will end the day by visiting the Baptismal site at the Jordan River.

Day 4: The Northern Reaches of the Promised Land: Traveling into “The Finger of Galilee” the
group will begin with a nature walk thru Tel Dan which will bring us to Jeroboam’s Alter.
Then on to the waterfall of Banias and to the springs and ruins of Caesarea Philippi. You will
also travel along the strategic Golan Heights and visit the ancient Talmudic ruins of Katzrin.

Day 5: Jordan Valley and Dead Sea: The day will start by learning about and walking thru the
ancient site of Beth Shean. We’ll then continue along the Jordan Valley. At Qumran we’ll talk
about the Essenes and see where some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and later have an
opportunity to swim in the waters of the Dead Sea. Overnight at Kibbutz Guesthouse by the
Dead Sea.

Day 6: The Judean Wilderness & Negev: In the morning, we’ll read about David’s encounter
with King Saul and hike up the springs of Ein Gedi. We will visit the mountain fortress of
Masada, the historical last stand of the zealots against mighty Rome, and will take a climb
down the old Roman Ramp. In the afternoon on to the ancient city of Tel Arad. We will end
our evening with an overnight in the modern desert town of Arad.

Day 7: Valley of Elah & Up to Jerusalem: We will begin our day by visiting the ancient ruins of
Beersheba. Now we can say that we’ve seen the land “From Dan to Beersheba”, then on to
the “Bell Caves” of Beit Guvrin. At the Valley of Elah we will go to the “dry riverbed”, where
young David collected his stones and read about his encounter with Goliath. We travel on to
Tel Beth Shemesh and oversee the Soreq Valley where we will read about the return of the
Holy Ark and the birth of Samson. Then “Up to Jerusalem”, where we will have an overview
of the city before checking into our hotel.

Day 8: In the Footsteps of Jesus-the Holy City: We begin on the Mount of Olives, with its
fantastic view of the walled city of Jerusalem – then walk down the Palm Sunday Road to the
Garden of Gethsemane. Entering the Old City we will walk along the Via Dolorosa and visit
the Pool of Bethesda, Ecce Homo, Cardo, and Southern Steps. In the afternoon we’ll visit
Bethlehem and Shepherd’s Field.

Day 9: Jerusalem of Today: The day will start with going to the Temple Mount and Western
Wall. We will make a stop at the Israel Museum-Shrine of the Book and Jerusalem Model in
the time of the Second Temple; then we will visit the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem. We
will end our day with a tour of the Garden Tomb.

Day 10: Transfer to airport, departure

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