Highly Recommended Jerusalem Tours To Check Out

Highly Recommended Jerusalem Tours To Check Out

Visiting Israel today must include a visit in the Holy City of Jerusalem. There are many different Jerusalem tours that highlight different aspects of this historic city such as the influences of different religions, the mixture of cultures, and a long list of inheritance from numerous empires that left its footprint in the city. Jerusalem is revered as holy by three Abrahamic religions namely Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Many empires also left its footprints in the city, leaving their culture which can be seen in the architecture and tasted in the variety of food.

First called the ‘City of David’ as conquered by King David according to the bible, there are many biblical events that took place in this city that are featured by most Christian Jerusalem tours. Jerusalem is also subject to many conflicts and wars between empires that dates back to the Copper Age (c. 4500-3500 BCE). Even today, Jerusalem remains as one of the many core issues in the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. Even so, visiting Jerusalem is said to be a life-changing experience as you encounter Jerusalem’s colorful clashing cultures and historical relics from its past. Let’s check out the three major categories of Jerusalem tours you can avail today below.

Cultural Jerusalem Tours

As mentioned above, Jerusalem is an important place for three religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. With that, there’s a diversity of culture present in the city which can be seen and experienced in the food, customs, clothing, and others. For one, many of the popular biblical Israel tourist spots are found in Jerusalem. Inside the Old City, you can visit the Western Wall which is a popular and sacred site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage. Visiting these different historical sites and landmarks within the city will tell you of the city’s vast cultural influences.

Jerusalem Food Tours

Given the diversity of culture influenced by the different religions present in the city, the food tours in Jerusalem are equally colorful and exciting! Visit the Mahane Yehuda market and taste the diversity of food that will take you back in the old Jerusalem. Walking around the market will make you salivate as you come across a wide variety of food including kebab, kibbeh, shawarma, falafel, baklava, shashlik, halva, hummus and so much more.

Jerusalem City Tours

The City of Jerusalem is filled with tourist destinations that include those with historical background and some of the most recent additions like the Yad Vashem memorial. Jerusalem tours around the city would normally include some of the popular tourist destinations such as the Tower of David, Church of the Nativity, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and others. There are more cool destinations around Jerusalem such as the Gethsemane garden where Jesus and his disciples went before the crucifixion. There are also interesting destinations underground the Old Jerusalem such as the Siloam Tunnel, also known as Hezekiah’s Tunnel.

These are just a simple breakdown of Jerusalem tours you can avail today when you visit Israel and the Holy City of Jerusalem. If you need assistance in organizing your tour and plan to have a mixture of cultural tour, food tour, and city tour in Jerusalem, contact us today to get help from our friendly and expert tour guides. Whether you plan to visit alone or with your family, our seasoned tour leaders will ensure you will have a great time here in Israel!