How To Get Baptized in Jordan River


One of the popular things to do in Israel for pilgrims is getting baptized in the Jordan River. The Jordan River is where Jesus of Nazareth was baptized by John the Baptist, an event in the Bible of great significance that gives affirmation regarding the Divine Trinity of God. Hence, pilgrims simple prefer a Jordan River baptism for the simple reason of being baptized in the very waters Jesus was baptized in. Whatever reason you might have to go and get baptized, it is important to know what you need to do and prepare particularly if you would be visiting Israel for the first time.


What To Do
Jordan River baptisms aren’t expensive given that admission to the baptismal sites is free. However, baptismal robes must be worn for the baptisms which have an affordable rental fee. There are a lot of baptismal ceremonies held in a day given the numerous pilgrims that flock here. Near the baptismal site are changing rooms, gift shops, hot showers, and a kosher restaurant. Anyone who plans to get baptized is expected to dress modestly in clothing that will cover your arms and legs. To access praying areas, one must remove their footwear as a sign of respect in sacred ground. The baptismal site is also equipped with handrails and ramps so that individuals on a wheelchair can also get a Jordan River baptism.

How To Get There
The best way to get to the Jordan River to first-timers is to avail a guided tour to ensure you won’t get lost or come unprepared. Tour guides will orient you about Jordan River baptisms and ensure you’d come prepared and fully informed. Hence, you can also go to the baptismal sites by yourself via taxi. The Jordan River is around an hour and thirty minutes travel from Tel Aviv, a bit further when coming from Jerusalem. The baptismal sites in the Jordan River are open daily except for Sundays.

If you plan to get a Jordan River baptism and still do not know how, contact us today and get assistance from our expert and friendly tour guides. Learn when is the best time to visit Israel and the Jordan River here.