Acre is one of the beautiful and most visited coastal Israel destinations. Acre is a beautiful port city, like Haifa, nestled along the Mediterranean coast. Acre is one of the oldest cities in Israel which carried different names in the past. Egyptians call it the city of Ptolemais while the Syrians called the city Antioch. Hence, the place was a distinguished city among other towns featuring advanced architecture during its time. Today, remnants of the past are still present in the city particularly in the Old City of Acre which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site like the Terraces of the Bahá’í Faith in Haifa. Let’s check out the most visited sites in Acre below.

Old City of Acre

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City of Acre is one of the most visited tourist Israel destinations featuring ancient architecture, the remnants of the Crusader town. The Old City is similar to the ancient port city of Caesarea and Jaffa. The Old City features Ottoman city walls and a few ancient buildings such as citadels, baths, khans, mosques, and others. The Old City of Acre is one of the best Israel destinations that gives a glimpse of the medieval Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the past.

Knights’ Halls

The Knight’s Halls is the Crusader’s headquarters and main fortress located in the Northwest portion of Acre. The halls were built by the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John at the beginning of the 12th century. The Knight’s Halls is a huge complex consisting of ten halls, a courtyard, lower level halls, and a crypt or underground passage.

Templars’ Tunnel

The Templar’s Tunnel was also built in the 12th century when the Crusaders of the Templars settled in Acre after the acquisition of Jerusalem by Salah Al-Din in 1187. The tunnel is a strategic underground passage that’s 350 meters that connects the fortress to the port. The tunnel was discovered in 1994, rehabilitation took place from 1999 to 2007 where the tunnel was opened to the public after.

Old Acre Market

Acre’s Old City Market features a selection of authentic Middle Eastern goods including fresh seafood, colorful and aromatic spices, tasty Arab pastries and desserts and more. You can find plenty of restaurants, cafes, hummus joints in the market.

Acre is one of the best Israel destinations when it comes to getting a glimpse of the Crusader’s era. Be sure to visit Acre when you travel to Israel! Contact us to learn more about the ancient port city of Acre and other exciting places to visit in Israel.
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