Beersheba is the largest city in the region of Negev and has a history dating back during the biblical period. Beersheba is one of the popular biblical Israel destinations for Christians that want to see the land Abraham founded. This place is also where Beersheba, also known as Be’er Sheva, was also once an Arab state until the Battle of Beersheba that occurred in October 1948 wherein the Israel Defense Forces conquered the land. Beersheba has been under Israel ever since and has grown considerably. Let’s check out the popular tourist spots in Beersheba below.

Tel Be’er Sheva

Tel Be’er Sheva is said to be the remnants of the ancient Beersheba that dates back during the time of Abraham. Now included in the Tel Be’er Sheva National Park, the ruins of the ancient settlement are open for tourists. The ancient city itself was destroyed and rebuilt several times as several empires took refuge in it which includes the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Arabs, and now the Israelites. One of the popular sites in the park is the cistern tunnel and the underground waterway. The Tel Be’er Sheva National Park is another of Israel’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the popular Israel destinations for tourists. Entrance fee to the park is 15 NIS for adults, 7 NIS for children.

Carasso Science Park

The Carasso Science Park is one the modern Israel destinations featuring the modern-day science through exhibits, shows, demonstrations, creative workshops, movie screenings and other interactive activities that make learning fun and easy. The Carasso Science Park is ideal for families with kids. The park and museum are open daily except for Friday. Entrance fee is 79 NIS for adults, 59 NIS for children.

Abraham’s Well

Located in the center of the city, Abraham’s Well is the very water source seized by Abimelech’s men which was later dug by Isaac’s servants a few chapters later in the Book of Genesis. This was once a vital source of water for the ancient city and is now a popular tourist spot.

Negev Zoo

The Negev Zoo, also known as the Zoological Garden of Beersheba, is a rather small zoo with an area of 12.5 acres. The zoo features a collection of 150 species of mammals, insects, birds, and reptiles which are quite notable. The zoo started as a small petting zoo of a nearby school. Entrance fee to the zoo is 30 NIS for individuals above 2 years old.

These are just some of the popular tourist spots in Beersheba today. Other attractions include museums like the Negev Museum of Art and the Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, also found in Beersheba. Contact us to learn more about Beersheba and Israel, we have friendly and expert tour leaders that will guarantee you will have the trip of a lifetime here in Israel!
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