The city of Caesarea is one of the most visited Israel destinations when it comes to ancient Roman architecture. Located between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea is an ancient port city in fronting the Mediterranean Sea. Caesarea was built by Herod the Great in honor of the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus. During its construction and rehabilitation, the Caesarea Maritima deep sea harbor was constructed along with markets, storerooms, baths, temples and other facilities that will help the town boom into a port city. A theater was also constructed where sports, theatrical productions, and gladiator games were hosted. The ruins of the harbor and theater can still be seen today which are very popular tourist spots in Caesarea. Let’s check out the top tourist spots in Caesarea below.

Caesarea Maritima

Built by Herod the Great during 22-10 BC, Caesarea Maritima was once a bustling harbor and portion of the city. The place was also the center of early Christianity during the time of Paul the Apostle and the Disciples of Jesus. It was in this area where Peter baptized Cornelius the Centurion and his household in Acts 10. Caesarea Maritima today is mostly in ruins and is now a part of the Caesarea National Park. Today, the Caesarea Golf Club conveniently sits nearby the park. Entrance to the Caesarea National Park during daytime is 39 NIS for adults, 24 NIS for children. Lamplight tours charge 50 NIS for adults, 40 NIS for children.

Ramat HaNadiv

Ramat Hanadiv is a nature park and a living memorial that’s open to the public located on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel. Ramat Hanadiv is the memorial for Baron Edmond de Rothschild, a person of great influence in the establishment of the State of Israel. The nature park features a visitor center, beautiful gardens, and a cultural center. The park aims to give benefits to current and future generations with scientific research, innovative management, and environmental education. The Ramat Hanadiv is one of the best Israel destinations for nature lovers. Entrance to the park and memorial is free.

Ralli Museum

The Ralli Museum consists of two art museums, Ralli 1 and Ralli2, and is part of an international foundation, the Ralli Museums. The museum features contemporary Latin American art which commemorates the expulsion of Jews from Portugal and Spain during the Inquisition. This aims to preserve the history and art of the Jewish community which was almost destroyed during the Holocaust. Entrance to the museums is free.

Tishbi Winery

The Tishbi Winery is one of the more modern additions in Caesarea. It is Israel’s sixth largest producer of wine with about 1 million bottle of wine per year which is shipped and sold to over 25 countries. Tishbi Winery is more than just a winery offering fine wines, it is also a restaurant that features professional chocolate and pastry products.

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