Israel Destinations: Dead Sea Region


The Dead Sea is one of the most popular Israel destinations for its natural beauty and offerings of unique experiences that can only be found in its waters. The Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on Earth which is also a saltiest. While there are many resorts, hotels, and spas on the shores of the Dead Sea, there’s more to what the beach offers. Let’s check out the popular destinations and attractions around the Dead Sea region below.

Israel Destinations: Dead Sea Region

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is a large oasis located west of the Dead Sea. It ranks as one of the most popular natural sites of Israel, thus one of the best natural Israel destinations you can visit aside from the Dead Sea. Ein Gedi is also known as a biblical site, the place where David sought refuge from King Saul. There are several hiking trails in Ein Gedi which are perfect for adventurers. There are also springs, a waterfall, and pools in the area.


Masada is a natural fortress that’s overlooking the Dead Sea. It is also one of Israel’s most popular attractions, particularly the Masada National Park. Check out our guide to Masada tours here.


Israel Destinations: Dead Sea Region

Home of the Qumran National Park and Qumran caves which is where the Dead Sea Scrolls have been discovered. Hence, it is a significant place that affirms the foundations of Christianity and the Bible. Entrance to the Qumran National Park is 21 NIS for adults, 9 NIS for children.

Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek is a small resort and hotel town on the shores of the Dead Sea. Ein Bokek is packed with hotels that offer spas and health treatments that feature the Dead Sea salt and mud. The spas and hotels by the shores of the Dead Sea alone make it one of the popular Israel destinations. By 2000, there are fourteen hotels operating in the area making it a natural attraction for modern tourists. Tourist attractions near Ein Bokek include the Zohar Hot Springs and Metzad Bokek, ruins of a small Roman-era fortress.

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