Israel Destinations: Eilat


The city of Eilat is one of the popular Israel destinations offering many fun-filled activities that features its natural beauties. Eilat is a coastal city perfectly situated in the northern tip of the Red Sea filled with beach resorts, coral reef diving spots, marine parks and so on. Let’s check out the most visited destinations in Eilat below.

Coral World Underwater Observatory

 Israel Destinations: Eilat

The Coral World Underwater Observatory is an underwater center that’s 12 meters below the sea surface featuring over 800 species of aquatic animals. Its aquariums and shark pools are popular amongst tourists. Entrance fee to the observatory is 99 NIS for adults, 79 NIS for children.

Dolphin Reef

 Israel Destinations: Eilat

A major attraction in Eilat thus a popular Israel destination, Dolphin Reef offers tourists the opportunity to swim along Bottlenose Dolphins.

Village Beach

Village Beach in Eilat is open to the public and tends to be packed with people for its natural beauty and serene waters. It also packs volleyball areas, bars, eateries and other facilities for recreational activities. There are also night parties hosted at the beach.

Botanical Garden of Eilat

While Eilat is one of the popular Israel destinations for its resorts and marine parks, Eilat also boasts beautiful gardens and parks wherein one of which is the Botanical Garden of Eilat. It is a tranquil garden that features peaceful streams, waterfalls and beautiful walking paths in a man-made rainforest. The park features over 1000 species of plants contained in a man-made ecosystem. Entrance fee is 28 NIS for adults, 22 NIS for children.

Eilat Ornithological Park

This park is a popular destination for bird-watching, also a symbol of Eilat’s eco-friendly environment. Israel is ranked second in the world migration routes and Eilat happens to be the best location which sits directly on the Great Rift Valley. Bird migration season starts mid-February until May-June.

The coastal city of Eilat truly is one of the popular Israel destinations given the different things you can do within the city. Aside from the marine parks, beaches and resorts, Eilat also have museums you can visit such as the Eilat City Museum and Camel Ranch Eilat. Contact us to learn more about Eilat and Israel or to get assistance from our friendly and expert tour leaders.
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