Ein Gedi is one of the popular Israel destinations for many reasons. For one, it is a beautiful oasis that’s ideal for a wide selection of recreational activities from hiking to camping and others in between. It is also an archeological site with a rich biblical history dating back to the time of King David. Today a nature reserve protected by the Israeli government, Ein Gedi offers some of the best Israel experiences combining the natural beauty of nature and learning history through archeology. For those interested in biblical Israel tours, we highly recommend including Ein Gedi on your list. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve doesn’t only feature nature and archeological sites, it also features wildlife which includes mountain goats, hyraxes, and insects. Let’s check out what the Ein Gedi natural reserve has to offer below.

Nahal David

The Nahal David or David River is the major attraction in Ein Gedi with its cool waters that are very inviting for anybody who wants to get refreshed. The walking alone the David River is one of the popular activities in the nature reserve wherein you’ll pass long some pools and small waterfalls. Visitors are allowed to take a dip into the waters which are popular among tourists. Hiking along the river is easy even for novice hikers.

David’s Waterfall

David’s Waterfall is along the downstream portion of the David River. It is the highest waterfall in the stream and the most notable amongst tourists for its beauty making it one of the popular nature Israel destinations.

Dodim Cave

Also known as the Lover’s Cave, it is a cave formed by two massive boulders and covered by the crystal-clear water falling from a waterfall.

Chalcolithic Temple

The Chalcolithic Temple is an archeological ruin the lies in the plateau above the David’s Waterfall. This particular architecture dates back to 3500 BCE, constructed as a cultic center by nomadic tribes.

Tel Goren

Tel Goren is a ruin of an ancient settlement that dates back in the 7th century BCE. During the excavation of the site, royal seals and silver coins were found in the old settlement. Tel Goren was destroyed around 66-70 ACE during a rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Touring the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve can take a full day to check out all the listed sites. Contact us to learn more about Ein Gedi or perhaps book your Israel tour featuring the beautiful oasis.
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