Israel Destinations: Jerusalem


Jerusalem is a place of interest and of utmost significance to many religions including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Jerusalem is the most popular city of all Israel destinations when it comes to pilgrimages and religious visits. The Wailing Wall for one is the most visited religious site in all of Israel which is in Jerusalem. More than religious sites, Jerusalem also boasts other attractions for fun and recreation as well as stunning ancient architecture and expansive archeological finds in museums, let’s check them out below.

Temple Mount

Israel Destinations: Jerusalem

The Temple Mount or ‘Mount of the House of God’ is a place of religious significance to Christianism, Islam, and Judaism. Hence, many visits here for a religious pilgrimage.

Tower of David

 Israel Destinations: Jerusalem

The Tower of David is an ancient citadel located near the Jaffa Gate. Historical evidence says the area was first fortified by King Hezekiah to fight off the expected invasion of Judea. Today, the David Museum can be found inside the citadel. Entrance fee to the museum is 40 NIS for adults, 18 NIS for children.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

This church is a place of significance for Christianity. It was built by Constantine the Great and was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The place is also claimed to be the place where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified but is still widely debated until today. Hence, many tourists and pilgrims go here making it one of the most visited Israel destinations. The church features religious artifacts, old architecture and others.

Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is located in Jerusalem which is the largest cultural institution in all of Israel. It is ranked as some of the world’s leading art and archeological museums. The Israel Museum features an extensive exhibit of biblical and archeological findings in Israel. There’s also the Shrine of the Book which holds the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Gethsemane is a garden located on the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Based on biblical records, Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples went here to pray the night before he was arrested for the crucifixion. Hence, Gethsemane is a popular biblical site included in Christian pilgrimages where visitors get the chance to pray where Jesus prayed.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is Israel’s official memorial for the Holocaust victims. It is a 44.5-acre complex that consists of memorial sites, museums, a library, a synagogue, educational center and more. One of the highlight sections of the complex is the Holocaust History Museum which features resources and exhibits that takes the Holocaust into remembrance in the 21st century. Visiting the Yad Vashem is free but will require booking ahead of your visit. 

The numerous sites you can visit in Jerusalem feature historical, archeological, and biblical importance making it one of the most popular and visited Israel destinations. There are more sites you can visit in Jerusalem such as the Jaffa Gate and Damascus Gate featuring old architecture, there’s also the Mahane Yehuda market where you can taste the vibrant culture of Israel through food. Hence, visiting Israel won’t be complete without dropping by Jerusalem and all of its attractions. Contact us to get assistance on your trip to Jerusalem and Israel.
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