The Negev is a large desert region of Israel that’s home to archeological and biblical sites, a beautiful desert that offers nature’s best. There are many national parks in the Negev region that feature old Byzantine architecture, ruins of prehistoric settlements, cultural centers and museums, and others. The attractions in the Negev region popular are a go-to Israel destinations for desert adventure. The Israel National Trail also passes through this region offering seasoned and novice hikers a challenging desert terrain. Let’s check out what the Negev region has to offer below.

Eshkol National Park

This national park is located in the Northern Negev near Gaza. It is a large park that offers picnic areas and overnight camping grounds. There are also archeological ruins in the park such as a ruin of an old Byzantine church with an intricate floor mosaic. South of the park is the biblical site of Tell el-Farah, the place where King David’s army stayed while the rest pursued the Amalekites as written in 1 Samuel 30.

Shivta National Park

This park is an archeological site of the ancient city of Shivta. The Shivta National Park is southwest of Beersheba, Negev region’s largest city. Shivta is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its archeological sites that include Byzantine-era structures and architecture. The ancient city of Shivta is a classic Nabatean town that’s believed to be part of the ancient spice route.

Israeli Air Force Museum

The Israeli Air Force Museum is one of the modern attractions in the Negev region. It was opened to the public in 1991. The museum boasts a collection of Israeli Air Force and foreign aircraft as well as anti-aircraft weaponry.

Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center

This place is the memorial for Ilan Ramon, an Israeli astronaut who died in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. It is also an observatory that’s set on the northern cliffs of the Ramon Crater, the world’s largest makhtesh. The center offers interactive exhibits that explain the creation of the Ramon Crater.

The attractions in the Negev region might not be amongst the popular Israel destinations but these offer experiences from both the past and the present history of Israel. Contact us to learn more about the Negev region and Israel and let us help you create and customize your next Israel trip!
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