Israel boasts a lot of coastal cities along the Mediterranean Sea packed with beautiful beaches that offer a wide selection of recreational activities. The beautiful beaches alone naturally attract locals and tourists for some fun under the sun or the fun-filled parties at night as well. The coastal cities are some of the popular Israel destinations for that reason, one of the more modern coastal cities is Netanya. Netanya sits in between Tel Aviv and Haifa and features a 14-kilometer coastline filled with beach resorts. Netanya is also packed with nature parks and hiking trails, one of which is included in the Israel National Trail. Let’s check out the popular attractions in Netanya below.

Winter Lake Park

Winter Lake Park is a public green space with a rare winter pond, a picturesque lake created by the winter rains. The lake alone attracts all sorts of people including photographers, artists, painters, and people that value the natural beauty of nature. The park features a playground for children, gym equipment, picnic and barbeque area, and other common amenities found in a park.

Sironit Beach

Sironit Beach is Netanya’s main beach located below the Rishonim Promenade. The beach is protected by two breakwaters and an active lifeguard station all year long. The beach attracts locals and tourists alike with its tranquil bay that’s great for swimming. The beach opens at 6:30 in the morning and closes before sunset. On Fridays, a D.J. shows up around noon for some party music. The beach also hosts a variety of recreational activities from sports competitions to dancing.

Shefayim Water Park

The Shefayim Water Park is Israel’s largest and most popular waterpark thus one of the very popular Israel destinations for both locals and tourists. The entire park is over 24 acres with three complexes: the water park complex, the motor park complex, and the adventure and paintball complex. Truly the park offers more than a wet and wild adventure. The Shefayim Hotel located across the park has over 150 luxurious rooms, perfect for tourists that want to spend a day at the park and other places in Netanya. The Shefayim Water Park operates around mid-May to mid-September which is technically Israel’s summer season.

Netanya is one of the unique Israel destinations you can visit today that offers a mixture of modern entertainment and natural beauty of nature. Going to Netanya is only half an hour from Tel Aviv, definitely worth checking out when visiting Israel. Contact us to learn more about Netanya and Israel.
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