Mount Hermon is a part of the Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range which runs northeast-southwest, starting in Syria and Lebanon and ending in Israel. The highest peak is in Syria, at 9,230 feet (2,813 meters). Its highest peak within Israeli borders is 7,295 feet (2,223 meters); this is the highest elevation point in Israel.








Due to its unique geographic traits, Mount Hermon is referenced in the Bible. It is also a popular attraction for locals because of its winter sport options and summer mountain activities.

Mount Hermon in the Bible

In the Bible, Mount Hermon is also known as Senir and Sirion. This is mentioned in Deuteronomy 3:9 which says “Hermon is called Sirion by the Sidonians; the Amorites call it Senir.” Over twenty ancient, pagan temples have been discovered on Mount Hermon.

In 1 Chronicles 5:23, it says that the populous half-tribe of Manasseh “settled in the land from Bashan to Baal Hermon, that is, to Senir (Mount Hermon).” Then, in Psalms and Song of Solomon there are references to the beauty and aura of Mount Hermon. Psalm 133:3 says “It is like the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion,” and Song of Solomon 4:8 says “Come with me from Lebanon, my bride… Journey down from the summit of Amana, from the summit of Senir and Hermon.”

Winter Activities

Mount Hermon Ski Resort is the only ski and snowboard resort in Israel. Between January and March, this resort usually entertains about 300,000 visitors. All the equipment needed for these winter sports is available for rent at the resort. There are 8 lifts and 14 ski runs including green, blue, red, and black pistes.







It’s mind-blowing to think that a ski resort can be a three-hour drive away from a permanent desert. This is the case in Israel. If you drive three hours south, during the cold winter months, you’ll find yourself in the desert and perhaps floating in the Dead Sea. 

Summer Activities

During the warmer summer and spring months, Mount Hermon receives about 40,000 visitors. A few of the popular activities include hiking, mountain biking, and riding the chair lifts up to the HaMa’apil summit for guided tours; there are tours that highlight the flora and fauna of the region and tours that talk about Israel’s battles on Mount Hermon. This is an excellent place to come to get a break from the southern heat and be refreshed by the cool crisp air.