Reflections from the Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee, also known as the “Kinneret” (from the Hebrew for violin, due to its violin-
like shape) is the lowest fresh water lake in the world, and the second lowest sea in the
world (after the Dead Sea). There are many special things about the Sea of Galilee but
there’s something remarkable about seeing the fishing boats out on the water- it’s a glimpse
of how it would have been in Yeshua’s time. Yeshua’s first disciples were fishermen from the
Galilee, He taught, fed the five thousand and the four thousand, healed and delivered so
many people on the shores of the Galilee and in the surrounding area. Being in this place is
truly an incredible experience.

It sounds simple but it’s when you visit the Galilee where Yeshua spent so much of His
ministry and performed so many miracles that you begin to see the scriptures come to life
before your eyes. Your understanding deepens and your eyes open to the reality of Biblical
history and the Scriptures that you have been familiar with for years. You experience the
land of the Scriptures, Yeshua’s land, the land to which one day He will return again.

Being physically on the Sea of Galilee, in one of the wooden boats, the “Jesus boats” is a
time of reflection and a special part of any visit to Israel. Maybe you’ve already experienced
this or have yet to do so but one thing’s for sure, you will never forget it! For some it’s the
fact that sitting in a boat listening to teaching or singing in worship reminds them of when
Yeshua Himself taught from the boat. For others it might be gazing across the waters from
the boat as darkness falls, remembering Yeshua walking on water towards His disciples.
Sometimes it’s the wind whipping around the boat that is a powerful reminder of Yeshua
calming the storm. It’s a time you will not forget, a treasure that touches many people after
they return home and start to read the passages of the Gospels with fresh understanding.

Have you gazed into the distance across the Galilee wondering how you would respond if it
was you Yeshua called to step out of the boat? Have you imagined sitting on the shore
listening to His voice? Have you sat there in silence, reflecting in His presence, resting in His
peace? Take time to focus on Him and respond to Him personally next time you visit the
Galilee. Let His word breath life in you as you seek Him here in His land.

~Written by Sar-El staff