Safety Page

Shalom from Jerusalem!

We are happy to hear that you are interested in visiting Israel with us at Sar-El Tours. We believe that a visit to Israel has the potential to change a Christian’s life. The Biblical sites come to life in a way that can only happen when visiting them in person in the Land of the Bible.

We understand that often, people are hesitant to fulfil their dreams of visiting Israel due to perceived conflict in the region and controversy over the Land. We at Sar-El, in our nearly 25 years of service to the international Christian community, have been honored to serve tens of thousands of Christians every year in their journey throughout the country where the events of the Bible took place. In all these years, during times of peace and even during times of conflict, all of our tour participants have concluded their visit with the best experience that they could have hoped for. We hear over and over again as to how Israel is not what they thought it was according to the news that they see back home and how the intense Bible study they receive impacts their lives.

If you are hesitant due to stories you here on the news or for any other reason, to visit Israel, we invite you to have a look at our Safety video which may help you to understand the situation here with some statistics, facts and a little humor as well.