Adding value to your group.

SAR-EL ACADEMY is offering complimentary lectures to any group leader/pastor/agent who want to maximize and enhance their group’s experience in Israel by providing relevant biblical content. Our lectures can be incorporated into any itinerary as schedules permit, free of charge.
You can select from the following lecture menu:
1- Living Stones: Israel’s history and archeology testifying to God’s faithfulness.
2- Eternal Israel: Past, present and future fulfilment of biblical prophecy.
3- Resurrection life: The miracle of the land & the people coming back to life with Jews, Arabs and Christians living side by side.
4- The Veil: Obstacles hindering the Jewish people from recognizing Jesus the Messiah.
5- Watchmen on the Walls: The mission, purpose and rewards of standing in prayer for Israel.
6- One New Man: Jew & Gentile together in One Spirit as One Body according to Ephesians 2:14-15.
7- Messiah in the Feasts: The person and mission of Jesus as revealed in the Seven Feasts of the Lord.
8- Jesus revealed in the Torah of Moses.
9- Hebraic roots of our faith.
10- Current events: Geo-political, cultural, and strategic regional analysis.
Please contact our team for booking a lecture at