Sar-El Difference Editions

A Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem & Tel Aviv | The Nectar of the Vine |Crusader Fortress Set to Open

Tourism Records Smashed | Rain, Rain and More Rain |First Temple Artifact Discovered

Earliest Inscription of ‘Jerusalem’ Found | On the Blog: The Opening Word | Golan Height’s Hidden Gem | Daylight Saving

Springs of Life | Christian Prayer Hall in Megiddo | Dead Sea Devlopments | Yad Vashem | Golan Height’s Hidden Gem

Biblical Feasts | Caesarea’s “New” Promenade | Ancient Soap Factory

June in Numbers | Life in Jesus’ Time | Israel’s Ranking | House of Bread

Indonesian Visa | Hadar Market Opening | Shilo | The Negev

National Geographic | Abraham’s Path | Customization

Giro D’Italia Cycling Race | King David | Tourism In Numbers | Going up to Jerusalem

TBN’s Hope and Grace tour | Worship by Bethel | Passover Blessing | Discover Shiloh

The Big Picture | Signs of the Times | Friends of Zion Museum

Malcha Market | Dead Sea Resort | Israel’s 70th