Israel is blessed with a unique combination of climates and different terrain. In Israel, you can find both dry deserts and snow-frosted mountains offering a wide selection of nature’s beauty. Tag along Israel’s rich history filling the land with relics and ruins of the past and you get a wide selection of places to visit. With that, Israel national parks are scattered around the country, each with unique offerings that one cannot find elsewhere. Let’s check out the best and most visited Israel national parks below and consider adding them on your list when you tour around Israel.

Ein Gedi National Park

Ein Gedi is one of the most popular and most visited Israel national parks. Ein Gedi is a large oasis which also features several archeological sites. Parts of Ein Gedi are also popular biblical sites, the place where King David found refuge. Ein Gedi also has a premier hiking trail along the beautiful David River (Nahal David) where you can take a dip on the pools and waterfalls.

Caesarea Maritima National Park

Located in Caesarea, this is an ancient port city built by Herod the Great to honor Caesar Augustus, the Roman Emperor during that period. This Israel national park features ancient Roman architecture which includes baths, temples, markets, an amphitheater, and more. 

Masada National Park

The Masada National Park is one of Israel’s most visited attractions simply because of its natural beauty as well as a crucial piece of Israel’s history. Masada is literally a natural fortress, a plateau hovering over the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea region. The Masada was once a fortified fortress that houses Herod the Great. On the top of Masada lie ruins of the Herodian architecture which is one of the highlight attractions in the park. The Masada National Park is also one of Israel’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gan HaShlosha National Park

The Gan HaShlosha National Park, known as Sakhne in Arabic, features freshwater pools that are consistently warm all year round. The naturally warm waters in the park have a year-round temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius attracting locals and tourists alike. The park is also deemed the modern-day Garden of Eden by many because of its natural beauty and wonders. The park is located in the city of Beit She’an.

There are more interesting and beautiful Israel national parks to consider aside from these four that are deemed the most beautiful and most visited of them all. Also check out the Ramon Crater in the Negev Region, the Safed Citadel in Safed, the Arbel Nature Reserve in Tiberias, and so much more! Contact us to learn more about Israel national parks and reserves, get assistance from our seasoned and friendly tour leaders in customizing your Israel tour today!