The “Sea of Salt”

The Dead Sea is truly a wonder of Israel and the Middle East. Know in Hebrew as the “Sea of Salt”, the Dead Sea is an attraction for tourists from all around the world. Every year, thousands of visitors take the trip from Jerusalem and the surrounding cities. To arrive, our bus drivers transport groups and individuals by way of the main highway that has you feeling that you’re going down into the center of the Earth.

Dead Sea Resorts

The Dead Sea also hosts many wonderful beaches and resorts that welcome interested travelers. They feature wonderful spa treatments, access to the salty waters, and great accommodations for a time of relaxation or adventure. Some of the most popular beaches in the Dead Sea region are those found in the Ein Bokek resort area. Many of the hotels offer private beach areas, while others charge an entry fee upon arrival. Also found near the Dead Sea is the wonder of Ein Gedi National Park. This incredible oasis is known by locals and travelers alike as a ‘must-see’ on your Israel trip.


Not too far down the road from Ein Gedi is the great mountaintop of Masada. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Masada will change the way that you see and experience Israel. Visitors enjoy the option to ascend by foot or by cable car. Awaiting you at the top are incredible views, amazing stories of heroism, and wonderful photo opportunities.

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