When did God become real for you? For me? For anyone?

All the senses we possess, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting (you can even add the “sixth sense” of intuition), connect us to the reality surrounding us. Without these senses, we would be cut off from the world and from people and be forever locked in an undecipherable and endless darkness. But God, who is the Author and Source of all that is alive and beautiful and flourishing in this world, equipped us not only to detect the world around us, but also to engage, play with, work and interact with the rest of His creation. In other words, our God is the original “Community Organizer…”

Still, none of the amazing and sophisticated senses that are instinctively and effortlessly at work in us 24/7 are able to connect us directly to the God Who created all these marvelous things.  Our senses point to Him, as the Biblical record calls us to “TASTE and see that the Lord is good,” or to “HEAR O Israel, the Lord your God is One God.” We also learn in the Scriptures that God appealed to His people through the sweet SMELL of incense in the Holy Place, the terrifying SOUND of the loud trumpet at Mt. Sinai, and the mysterious SIGHT of the burning bush that was not consumed in the holy flames. However, all that these marvelous senses can do is point us to God …tell us that He is near … direct us to Him. The rest of the journey has to be completed by FAITH, the ultimate sense and the greatest gift God gives by which we come all the way home to our Creator.

Nowhere in the world can your faith become sight as in the Land of Israel where a pilgrim can step away from the hassle and rush of this world, step into time and eternity, and experience biblical realities that transform the soul. Where else could you walk the narrow streets of ancient Jerusalem literally tracking the footsteps of the Lord in His way of suffering to the cross? Where else in the world could you stand in the middle of the First Century (recently excavated) Magdala Synagogue, where the Lord taught the Bible on the Sabbath and delivered Mary Magdalene from seven demons? And where else in the world could you stroll along the picturesque alleys of Ancient Jaffa by the Mediterranean and recall the prophet Jonah who tried to escape God’s call, and the apostle Peter (named “Son of Jonah”) who, many years later, obeyed the heavenly vision and brought the Good News to a non-Jewish audience for the very first time? (Acts 10).

Israel is the only place on earth where the “Word became flesh” at the incarnation of the Son of God when the promised Messiah of Israel was born, fulfilling hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, and walked and lived a perfect life among us for a very short time in order to fulfill His redemptive mission. Not only that; in Israel the Word of God is still “becoming flesh” as ancient prophecies and promises concerning the people and the land of Israel are coming to pass right before our very eyes. Now, you can join the miracle.

Join our Sar-El team in Israel to see God’s miracles unfold with your own eyes. Let your feet step upon the ancient cobblestones which are still telling the stories of God’s real love and incredible faithfulness. And let your own hands touch not only the Western Wall’s magnificently carved Herodian stones, but also the Hebrew people and the nation of Israel who rose from the dead after millennia of exile and shame and, against all odds, are rebuilding their ancient homeland according to the Word of God. Come to where the Word is still becoming flesh.

We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.