Top-Rated Israel Tourist Attractions

Top-Rated Israel Tourist Attractions

Israel is full of tourist destinations given its colorful history. You can find ancient ruins dating back from the Roman Empire and the time Jesus Christ walked on earth. There are also majestic mountains and sandy beaches to go and ski or swim. You can check out our list of biblical Israel tourist spots which are only some of the many places in Israel where events in the bible took place. For sure a quick search will reveal the numerous places to go and things to do in Israel. To help you narrow down your choices, let’s check out some of the top-rated Israel tourist attractions based on popularity and rating below.


Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Israel. It is Israel’s largest freshwater lake and there are plenty of resorts surrounding its shores. The Sea of Galilee is also home to many of Jesus’ activities during his ministry.



Masada is a massive plateau located south of Israel’s Judean Desert and is also a UNESCO site. Here, you can visit the ruins of King Herod’s Palace. There’s also an archaeological exhibit at the Masada Museum where you can find historic artifacts about Herod and the Roman Empire and others. Going to Masada will require you to ride a cable car wherein you can see a picturesque view of Israel and the Dead Sea.


Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is a very popular nature site in Israel as an oasis and nature reserve. It is composed of springs and caves that will surely give nature lovers a great outdoor adventure.


Mount Zion

Mount Zion has been mentioned a lot in the bible. It is a hill in Jerusalem which King David spoke of in several passages in the bible in the book of 1 Samuel, 1 and 2 Chronicles, 1 Kings and others. Mount Zion is divided into three parts wherein the lower eastern hill known as the ‘City of David’. The eastern hill, on the other hand, became the site of Solomon’s Temple. Today, you can find King David’s Tomb which itself is a very popular tourist destination, Dormition Abbey and the Room of the Last Supper in Mount Zion which are amongst the popular Israel tourist attractions.


Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem means ‘a monument and a name’ in English, it is Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. The place is also known as the Mount of Remembrance. You can find the Holocaust History Museum along with other memorial sites such as the Hall of Names, Hall of Remembrance and others.



Yardenit is the baptismal site located at the famous Jordan River where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. Many Christian tourists visit the waters to get baptized as well which is open to the public. However, one must get a permit before doing so and the place is under the management of the Israel Ministry of Health.


These are just some of the popular Israel tourist attractions today which has a mixture of biblical sites, ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, memorials, museums and nature parks. There are more places you can visit in Israel. However, we emphasize the importance of picking the right time to visit. Check out our helpful guide on how to pick the best Israel tour package so you can get the most of Israel has to offer. Contact us to get help in arranging a tour package. Whether you are planning to visit alone or with a group of people, our friendly and expert tour leaders will ensure you will have a life-changing trip!