What We Do

We always say that at the end of the day every tour is a customized tour. We operate plenty of groups with a standard itinerary or a slightly modified version of a typical visit. If you are looking for some ideas on what is possible, please click here to see some of our sample itineraries. For a list of specific services that we offer, please click here. We are always on the lookout for new sites, activities and experiences that will enrich your visit. If you have any special requests we are always glad to hear from you and do whatever we can to make it happen.

Service is where Sar-El shines! You will always be treated as an individual and if you need anything from a wheelchair for getting around, to a private car to drive you to the airport, or even help purchasing the perfect souvenir, we are here to serve. That’s the type of service we commit to providing. We’re here to do anything we can to make your trip one that surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced. That’s what service means to Sar-El.

It’s often comes as a surprise to people on their first visit how modern Israel is. Although you will see camels throughout your travels in the country, it is not by any means, our primary mode of transport! Israel is a world leader in technology and innovation. Google, Microsoft, and Intel both research and develop in Israel, and Israel is home to the highest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world apart from Silicon Valley. In fact, the world just can’t get enough of Israeli tech and innovation, in many cases it is quite literally life-saving! Check out our Facebook page for regular updates on the latest news and innovation from Israel.

In light of this, it is only fair then that Sar-El is also able to offer some very helpful modern technology in making your experience of 4,000 years of Biblical history a modernly convenient one. Please check our list of technologies for those that you believe will benefit your experience.

We are honored to serve some of the most exciting international events and conferences and would love to have you join with us for these events. For more information please (have your travel agent) contact our office.