Yarkon Park

Tel Aviv is filled with great wonders. Of these, there are museums, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. If you’re looking for a great outdoor experience, we’ll point you to Yarkon Park in central Tel Aviv. After an afternoon on the beach, or a lunch at the Port, you can walk a short distance and find yourself in nearly ‘another land.’

Yarkon Park can be accessed from the main Tel Aviv port area, and continues all the way to the National Stadium in Ramat Gan and on to Bnei Brak. Upon your arrival, you have a number of activities that await you:

  1. A bird safari
  2. Renting bikes
  3. Mini-Golf
  4. Children’s activities
  5. Meymadion Water Park

Where to begin?

As the Middle East’s largest bird park, Yarkon Park hosts a number of species and other small animal types that can be visited and viewed on the safari. For entrance into the bird park, the cost is 60ILS per person. You may enter the park from 10am to 4pm nearly every day of the week.

Next, you can make your way to the Meymadion Water Park. As one of Israel’s top water parks, this location offers a large wave pool, a number of open swimming pools, a lazy river, and a variety of water slides. We highly recommend this park for families with children. The cost for entrance is generally 115ILS, but you can search and find a variety of offers depending on the time of year. The park is open from 9-5pm throughout the week.

Rent a bike or go for a run.

Yarkon Park also offers a wonderful 5k track that surrounds the green pastures. For an afternoon activity, you and your group can pick up some bikes and go for a nice ride. For runners, this is a very sought after location for jogging. As you travel along the jogging and bike path, you’ll be refreshed by the beautiful fields, families, children playing, and all that there is to see at Yarkon Park!