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Israel In Bible Prophecy | God’s Greatest Sign to This Generation!

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Israel In Bible Prophecy

God’s Greatest Sign to This Generation!

By Gary M. Fisher

A Publication of
Lion of Judah Ministry

Copyright 2016

This booklet is dedicated to my wife, Pam, who has been my greatest encourager and supporter.

All Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Bible (Copyright 1995) unless otherwise noted.
Quotations from this booklet may be used without permission if used unedited and not taken out of context.

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Table of Contents

1. The Nation Dispersed
2. Preserved in Dispersion
3. Regathered
4. Regathered in Unbelief
5. Restoration of the Land
6. Israel Rises in World Attention
7. Israel’s Military Restored
8. Reclamation of Jerusalem
9. Israel in the Great Tribulation
10. Jerusalem Trampled until Times of Gentiles Fulfilled
11. Israel in Messiah’s Kingdom
12. Closing Summary
13. Scripture References
14. About the Author


It is alarming there are so few people today, especially in the Church, who recognize how important the modern state of Israel is in God’s plan! God has predicted many times in the Bible that the sons and daughters of Israel would return to the land of Israel just before He would send them their Messiah. For almost twenty centuries the children of Israel have not lived in their homeland simply because one did not exist. Since 70 A.D. they have lived in various parts of the world, mostly in Europe, but on other continents as well. There has not been a land of Israel for them to return to until the twentieth century.
In the twentieth century we have seen the re- establishment of the state of Israel, and the return of the Jewish people to the Land. To date, there are close to 7.5 million Jewish people who call Israel their home. Many have returned there since the country’s re-establishment in 1948. Their presence is an incredible testimony to how close we are to the return of Yeshua, known in the Gentile world as Jesus Christ!
The story of the Jewish people is an incredible story of pain and disappointment. That pain and disappointment has come to these people mostly at the hands of those who hate them for little or no reason. The Bible predicts those pains and disappointments will finally end when Yeshua, the Messiah, comes to rule and reign in Jerusalem and makes Israel the head of the nations. The Bible indicates when Israel returns to the Land, Israel’s future will be as bright as her past has been dark. The complete story, past, present, and future of Israel is told in the Bible.

The Nation Dispersed

The Jewish people were warned by Moses around 1400 B.C. if they did not serve the Lord and keep all that He had commanded, the Lord would scatter them from one end of the earth to the other. The warning was recorded in Deuteronomy 28:58-68. Not only would they be scattered, but they would endure harsh persecution while in the countries where they were dispersed.
The “scattering” part of this prophecy was partially fulfilled when the Babylonians invaded and defeated Israel in 586 BC. It was ultimately fulfilled when in 70 A.D., Titus, the Roman general, invaded Israel and finally Jerusalem. The Roman army slaughtered many thousands of the Jewish people. Many more were taken captive by the Romans and were forced into slavery across the Roman Empire. The remainder ran for their lives. They scattered into every country on the earth in perfect fulfillment of Moses’ prophecy.
The prophet Jeremiah, also addressed this subject. He said that the Jewish people would be banished to all countries (Jer. 16:15 and Jer. 23:8).
Also in keeping with this prophecy, the Jewish people have been persecuted everywhere they have lived. The most obvious persecution the Jewish people have ever faced was the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis during World War II during which almost 6 million were killed.
In spite of the persecutions, the Jewish people have survived and still are dispersed among the nations. Today, Jewish communities can be found in almost every country of the world.

Preserved in Dispersion

The Lord not only promised that Israel would be dispersed and persecuted, but they would be preserved as a nation. Considering the harshness of the persecutions that the Jewish people have endured, it seems unlikely they would have survived as a people. However, in Jeremiah 31:35-37, God says the Jewish nation would be intact as long as there were the sun, moon, and stars. Therefore, as long as they remain, God would recognize that there is a nation of Israel.
In this regard, I have heard the term “the lost tribes of Israel” all my life. This term is very misleading because there has never been a “lost” tribe of Israel. God has known where they have been all along and He has promised to preserve them just as the sun, moon, and stars are preserved.
Thus, for nearly 2,000 years the Jewish people have been scattered from their homeland to all points of the compass but have managed to maintain their Jewish identity. No other people group has accomplished this in history. Considering the odds they have faced, their preservation as a people, has only one explanation, divine intervention.
While we acknowledge the power of God’s preservation of His people, we might consider another dynamic of God’s promises while this preservation has progressed. God had promised Abraham “all the nations on earth would be blessed through him” (Genesis 18:18). The ultimate fulfillment of this promise would be the Messiah, the Savior of the world, Jesus, but it appears that other blessings would come to mankind as a result of this blessing.
Considering this, many Jewish individuals have made some very impressive accomplishments. Among these was the discovery of a polio vaccine by Jonas Salk, the scientific accomplishments of Albert Einstein, and the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. These inventions not only served to bless the Jewish communities, but the world as well.


According to the Bible, after a time of being preserved in all the countries of the world, the Jewish people would begin to return to their own land in the last days. One of the prophecies that states this is Isaiah 11:11-12. It says, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” (KJV).
Other scriptures that affirm this return include Isaiah 43: 4-7; Jeremiah 16: 14-16; Jeremiah 23: 7-8; Jeremiah 29:14; Jeremiah 30: 3; Ezekiel 39: 25-29; and Amos 9:14- 15. There is some very interesting history concerning the fulfillment of these prophecies.
There were only about 40,000 Jewish people in what was known as Palestine at the turn of the twentieth century. By 1948, when Israel declared their independence and statehood, there were about 500,000. Today there are about 7 million and the number is still growing. Why? Because the Jewish people from all over the world are becoming more and more interested in going back to Israel! They are going home, if you will, in fulfillment of this prophecy. Some teach today that the regathering of the Jewish people from Babylon was the fulfillment of this Isaiah 11 prophecy. However, Isaiah 11:11 says they will be gathered the “second time”. The regathering from Babylon was the first time they were gathered back to the Land.
Also, Isaiah 11:12 says that they would be gathered from the “four corners of the earth”. The gathering from Babylon was from one country, Babylon. There is only one time in history that the Jewish people have been gathered the “second time” and from the “four corners of the earth”. That time is now.

Regathered in Unbelief

Many of the prophecies calling for the Jewish people to be regathered to the land of Israel also call for them to be gathered there without faith in their God. It is very unfortunate, but today in Israel there are so many who do not have a practicing faith in Jehovah God. In fact, many in Israel today are either atheist or agnostic.
This is the scenario that is called for in Ezekiel 37:1-28 known as the “valley of dry bones” chapter. Ezekiel 37:11- 14 leaves no question that Jewish people will be gathered from all over the world to the land of Israel before the Spirit is placed within them. Therefore, lack of faith in God in Israel today is in perfect harmony with the condition called for in Ezekiel 37.
However, Ezekiel goes on to declare that a bright day is coming for the people of Israel, spiritually and physically, a day when she will be redeemed from all of her wanderings and floundering (Ezekiel 11:17-21; 36:24-28). Her focus on her Lord will return, and the purpose for which she was originally set apart as a nation, to lead the nations in the knowledge of the Lord, will take center stage (Zechariah 12:10). Those days are just ahead of us.

Restoration of the Land

The land of Israel lay desolate for almost two thousand years. Her people were dispersed by the Romans all over the world in 70 A.D. By the turn of the twentieth century, the whole land of Israel was desolate! The part that was not desert was mostly malaria-infested swamps.
Mark Twain visited Israel in 1867 and wrote in his resulting diary, Innocence Abroad, “There was hardly a tree or a shrub any where. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country. No landscape exists that is more tiresome to the eye than that which bounds the approaches to Jerusalem. The only difference between the roads and the surrounding country, perhaps, is that there are rather more rocks in the roads than in the surrounding country”. (Innocence Abroad, chapter LII, page 555).
Since the return of the Jewish people, the swamps have been drained and some of the best agriculture technology has been applied. Today, one can drive through the valleys and hills of Israel and see something very different than Mark Twain saw in 1867. Much of the land today has some of the most beautiful crops growing. The variety of crops is astounding!
Isaiah tells us the day would come when Israel would “blossom and sprout” and “fill the whole world with fruit” (Isaiah 27:6). This prophecy is definitely being fulfilled as Israel has become one of few net food-exporting countries in the world, which means they export more than they import. As of the writing of this booklet in 2016, Israel is exporting food products to over ninety countries.
Writing about Israel, Amos 9:14-15 calls for the plowman to overtake the reaper. In other words, Israel would become a land of thriving agriculture. In spite of
much political turmoil, and against all odds, Israel today is an agricultural wonder! One of my favorite things to do while on one of our ministry-sponsored tours to Israel is to review these Scriptures, then take the tour group to a roadside farmer’s market to see all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables being grown in Israel. To say that Israel is experiencing a restoration of their land is an understatement!

Israel Rises in World Attention

There is not a day that goes by that Israel is not in the news. The world is very focused on Israel and especially Jerusalem. The world is wondering what to do about the problems between Israel and her neighboring Arab countries. There is also concern about the problems between Israel and the unhappy Arabs who live today inside her borders.
Over the past few decades the United Nations has tried to answer this “Middle East problem”. Many heads of state have tried to tackle the problem. Every United States administration since the re-establishment of Israel in 1948 has made some attempt to resolve the abrasions between Arab and Israel. Failure and frustration has abounded. The “peace process” has especially failed when the subject of who will control Jerusalem is entertained.
It is ironic that as large as the world is and as diverse as the world’s problems are, there is so much focus on this tiny country. At its widest point, Israel is only 85 miles wide and is 290 miles long! The population is close to 8 million compared to the world’s almost 7 billion. It is seemingly insignificant compared to the rest of the world both in size and population. Yet, Israel remains much of the focus of the United Nations and the world.
The prophet Zechariah prophesied the world’s attention would be focused on not just Israel, but Jerusalem in the end times (Zechariah 12:2-3). Jerusalem seems to be the “crown jewel” in the heart of the Jewish people of Israel. As the “peace talks” convene between Israel and her Arab neighbors, compromises have been considered on just about anything except Jerusalem.
As the restored nation of Israel seems unwilling to compromise concerning Jerusalem, resentment toward Israel is on the rise. This resentment will eventually turn to military involvement according to Zechariah, as every nation of the earth will turn against Jerusalem. When the world is convinced the “peace talks” have completely collapsed, they will start sending their armies to force “peace”. This will be the fulfillment of Zechariah 14:2 which states that a day is coming when all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle.
The world, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, is focusing on Jerusalem today. Diplomatic efforts will not solve the problems and, probably sooner than later, the armies will start to march toward Israel. When they do, the scenario will be set up for the fulfillment of the greatest event of all of human history, the return of Jesus!
Zechariah 14:4 says in the day that all nations are gathered together against Jerusalem, the Lord will come and stand on the Mount of Olives! He will take a stand against all the armies gathered there and defeat them. At that point He will begin to rule this earth for 1000 years. The “Middle East problem” will be over! Praise the Lord! What an exciting time to live and see these things beginning to take place!

Israel’s Military Restored

Zechariah 12:6-8 states in the days when the armies of the world will come against Israel, the clans of Judah would be “like a flaming torch among sheaves”. This is more than a suggestion that there will be an Israeli military in place in those days.
In keeping with this prophecy, the Israeli military of today is one of the best trained in the world. It has proven itself several times in the last sixty-eight years to be a very effective fighting force. They have emerged victorious against incredible odds from every major military campaign launched against them since the country was re- established in 1948.
Five Arab armies attacked the new Jewish State on May 15, 1948 and were defeated by January 1949. An Egyptian- Syrian alliance was defeated over the Sinai area in 1956. The combined efforts to overrun Israel by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, and Lebanon were defeated by the Israelis in 1967 in six days, known as the famous Six-Day War. The Israelis put down another combined effort in 1973 in what is known as the Yom Kippur War. In this war, the Egyptians and Syrians, with just under 1000 warplanes, over 4,000 tanks, and 800,000 troops, challenged Israel. Before the bitter fighting was over, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait had joined the Egyptian and Syrian force. The outnumbered Israeli army again was able to be victorious; this time with less than 500 warplanes, 1700 tanks, and 300,000 men, outnumbered almost 3 to 1.
Today, Israel, more than ever, has a very powerful fighting force with an arsenal that includes nuclear, and some believe hydrogen weaponry. Their Air Force, Navy, and Army are highly rated among the most technologically advanced in the world. “Pilot to pilot, airframe to airframe, the Israeli Air Force is the best in the world,” said Chris Harmer, a senior naval analyst at the Institute for the Study of War ( force-is-best-in-the-world/2014/10/28/, paragraph 9).
A relevant prophecy to be considered in this context is found in Zechariah 12. It is a prophecy that visits the military skill of David and declares that the most “feeble” among the Jewish military in the last days would be like David (Zechariah 12:8). In this regard, it was said of David, “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands” (I Samuel 18:7). It was also David who defeated Goliath (I Samuel 17:48-51). The weakest of the last-days military of Israel would be like David.
Against the incredible odds they have faced over the last 1900 years, Israel is back in the Land with a powerful restored military just as Bible prophecy has predicted and has proven to be “like David”.

Reclamation of Jerusalem

The Scriptures call for the Jewish people to be back in Israel, and in control of Jerusalem as well in the end-times. A very interesting development in Bible prophecy in this regard took place in June of 1967. The Jewish people had not been in control of Jerusalem since 70 A.D. But during the Six Day War in June of 1967, the Jewish commandos advanced up the southern end of the old walled city of Jerusalem. Under heavy fire they broke into the city through the Lion’s Gate and returned Jerusalem into Jewish control for the first time in 1,897 years.
This was considered a very important event among those who study the prophetic Scriptures because in Luke 21:24, Jesus gave an interesting prophecy that said “Jerusalem would be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled”. “The Times of the Gentiles” is a Scriptural term that refers to the periods of history in which Gentiles would dominate world politics and more specifically, Jerusalem. Gentile power has controlled Jerusalem for many centuries. Now, since the twentieth century, while so many other prophecies are being fulfilled, Jerusalem has come back under Jewish control.
This fact has marked the beginning of the end of Gentile power in the world and is yet another indicator of how soon the return of Jesus must be. The final three and one half years of this “times of the Gentiles” will be a time when God will deal with the unrepentant heart of the Jewish people, as well as the rest of the world. This time will be known as “The Great Tribulation” to which Jesus referred in Matthew 24:21.

Israel in the Great Tribulation

It is evident in the prophetic Scriptures there is at least one more time coming for Jerusalem when she will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles (Luke 21:24). This will be during a seven-year period known as the 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27). This period was also predicted by Jeremiah as the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7).
At the beginning of this period, the world will come under the rule of a dictator identified in the Book of John as “Antichrist” (I John 2:18). He will sign a peace covenant with Israel at the beginning of this seven years that will allow her to use the Temple Mount for worship and sacrifice (Daniel 9:27). This time will appear at first to Israel as the best of times because a long sought-after peace will be achieved with her Arab neighbors, and the Temple Mount that Israel has long desired to use in worship will be allowed and peacefully shared.
However, three and one half years into this agreement, this Antichrist will prove to be an enemy to Israel. He will stop the Jewish worship of Jehovah (Daniel 9:27) and seat himself in the rebuilt Temple, and claim to be God (II Thessalonians 2:4). Jesus, quoting Daniel, named this event in Matthew 24:15 the “abomination of desolation”.
After proclaiming himself to be God, this Antichrist will immediately declare war on the Jewish people, kill many of them, while many others will run for their lives. This coming time will be worse than any time Israel has endured so far. Jesus referred to this time in Matthew 24:21 as no comparable time like it.
From the time the Antichrist declares himself to be God, he will begin to use Jerusalem as his political headquarters. Jerusalem will endure this Gentile ruler and be “trampled under foot” after being trampled so many times in history, yet one last time. This last time will be unique however. This Antichrist will personally see the return of Jesus and meet his doom.

Jerusalem Trampled until Times of Gentiles Fulfilled

At the end of the Tribulation, Zechariah stated all the armies of the world will be gathered together against Jerusalem, and it will be fought over one last time (Zechariah 14:2). The armies will gather around Jerusalem to challenge the Antichrist. It is during these bad times that one of the greatest events in all of human history will occur. The Lord Jesus Christ will appear on the Mount of Olives with all the saints accompanying Him (Revelation 19:14).
Zechariah 14:4 describes this time when he says, “in that day His feet will touch the Mount of Olives”. This will be the most glorious event in all of human history! He will stop the fighting, defeat the armies, defeat the Antichrist, and present Himself to the Jewish people as their rightful King.
The Jewish people at that time, having been under serious persecution, will welcome the Lord. The Bible states, “they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him, like the bitter weeping over a first-born”. (Zechariah 12:10).
He will then become King over the whole earth according to Zechariah 14:9. On that day two special Scriptures will be fulfilled. The first Scripture to be fulfilled is Romans 11:26, which says, “all Israel will be saved”. This must be a reference to the surviving Jewish people living in Israel at that time. They will welcome Yeshua (Jesus) to take the throne that rightfully belongs to Him. They will welcome Him to be crowned King of Kings and begin His rule over the house of Israel and the whole earth. They will rejoice to finally have their rightful King.
The second Scripture to be fulfilled is the one which says, “Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled” (Luke 21:24). Those times are officially over when the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, takes His throne in Jerusalem. Jerusalem will no longer be trampled by the Gentiles and never again will a foreign army overtake Jerusalem.

Israel In Messiah’s Kingdom Headquarters of World Government and Religion

Immediately following these times of Gentile power would come the time predicted in Scripture when Jesus Himself will take His position as King, and rule and reign on earth for 1,000 years (Zechariah 14:9, Revelation 20:1- 6). He will rule with peace, righteousness, and justice! He will reign from Mount Zion, which is located in Jerusalem (Micah 4:6). Zechariah 14:11 says at that time, “people will live in it, and there will be no more curse, for Jerusalem will dwell in security”. The curse on the earth that was introduced at the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 will be removed. Among other blessings, the earth will not require strenuous labor to make the earth yield fruit and flowers. Can we imagine the beauty?
Also describing this time, Micah says the nations will send ambassadors to Jerusalem to seek the favor and wisdom of the Lord (Micah 4:2; Isaiah 62:7). What a switch from the present-day political world this will be! Today the world is shouting for the Lord to get out of government, out of our schools and public places. In that day, however, according to Micah, the world will embrace the Lord at all levels and seek to be taught by Him.
There will not be the outcry of separation of church and state that is heard so much in today’s world. Jerusalem will be the religious and political capital of the world. Jesus will be present there to preside over all politics and religion. Jerusalem will finally become what has long been in the mind of the Lord and His prophets. One of those prophets, Isaiah, says we are to give God “no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:7).
Israel will finally become what she was called out and separated to do; be the world’s teacher in what it means to know the Lord and His righteousness. After so many centuries of enduring the world’s hatred and disrespect, many long to see Israel rise to this glorious time of respect and admiration from around the world. Israel’s Messiah, Jesus, will lead the world into the greatest time of peace and righteousness ever known on earth.
Zechariah recognizes this time when he states, in that day, ten men will grasp the garment of the Jew saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you” (Zechariah 8:23). What a welcome time this will be!

A Closing Summary

The stage is being set for the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. A pre-requisite for His return is for the nation of Israel to be re-established back to their homeland. This is a signal that Jesus is returning soon! When He returns, Israel will then lead the world in the greatest revival of repentance the world has ever known., Zechariah 8 declares Israel will become the most respected and revered nation the world has ever known with her Messiah as King over all the earth. We are told in Scripture to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” (Psalm 122:6). In so doing, we should know that we are actually praying for the time when Jesus Christ will come and establish Jerusalem as the capital of the world. He then will rule from there over the whole earth (Zechariah 14:9).
The curse that was placed on the earth at the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden will be removed (Zechariah 14:11). The earth at that time will be flooded with peace, righteousness, and justice. The Bible has promised the “knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea,” as (Isaiah 11:9). This is what the world is looking for!
The greatest question that remains is not so much is Israel ready, but are you? You can know by observing the words found in Romans 10:9: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” (KJV). And even so, “Come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20).

Scripture References

All scripture references are from the New American Standard translation unless otherwise designated.

Nation Dispersed
Deuteronomy 28: 58-68 (Scattered all around the world). Jer. 16:15 and Jer. 23:8 (Banished to all countries).
Preserved in Dispersion
Jeremiah 31: 35-37 (Sun, moon, and stars would not pass before restoration).
Genesis 18:18 (All nations bless through Abraham).

Isaiah 11: 11-12 (Regathered second time from four corners of earth ).

Regathered in Unbelief
Ezekiel 37:1-28 (Regathered back to land, but have no “spirit”).
Ezekiel 11:17-21 (A new heart given when restored to land).
Ezekiel 36:24-28 (Desolate land will be like Garden of Eden).
Zechariah 12:10 (Messiah accepted after all nations come against Jerusalem).

Restoration of Land of Israel
Isaiah 32:15 (The Spirit will be poured out when wilderness becomes fertile field).
Isaiah 27: 6 (Israel will blossom and feed the world).
Amos 9:14-15 (Israel yields unprecedented produce).
Twain, Mark. (1869). Innocence Abroad.
Hartford Connecticut: American Publishing Company.

Israel Rises in World Attention
Zechariah 12:2-3 (Jerusalem and Judah will be under siege).
Zechariah 14:2,4 (Lord will gather all nations against Jerusalem).

Israeli Military Restored
Zechariah 12:6-8 (Israel will become like flaming torch among sheaves).

Reclamation of Jerusalem
Luke 21:24 (Jerusalem trampled until times of Gentiles is over).
Matthew 24:21 (then shall be great tribulation).

Israel in “Great Tribulation”
Daniel 9:27 (Antichrist ceases daily sacrifice)
II Thessalonians 2:4 (Antichrist claims himself to be God).
Matthew 24:15, 21 (Horror of Antichrist rule).

Jerusalem Trampled until Times of Gentiles Fulfilled
Zechariah 14:2 (All nations gathered against Jerusalem).
Revelation 19:14 (All saints accompany Lord to Mt. Of Olives)
Zechariah 12:10 (Look on Him whom they have pierced).
Zechariah 14:9 (Jesus becomes King over whole earth).
Romans 11:26 (All Israel will be saved).
Luke 21:24 (Jerusalem trampled until times of Gentiles is over).

Israel in Messiah’s Kingdom
(Headquarters of World Government and Religion)
Zechariah 14:9 (Jesus becomes King over whole earth).
Revelation 20:1-6 (Jesus reigns for 1,00 years).
Micah 4:2, 6 (Ambassadors come and seek wisdom of Lord)
Isaiah 62:7 (give God no rest until makes Jerusalem a praise)
Zechariah 8:23 (Israel most respected among nations)

A Closing Summary

Psalm 122:6 (pray for peace of Jerusalem).
Zechariah 14:9,11 (Curse on earth removed)
Isaiah 11:9 (knowledge of Lord will cover earth). Romans 10:9 (confess with your mouth, believe in heart) Revelation 22:20 (Come Lord Jesus).

About the Author

Gary M. Fisher is the founder and director of Lion of Judah Ministry. The Ministry was founded in 1994. Since then, Gary has spoken in many churches, served as radio host, teacher, conference speaker, and television guest.
Gary is also on the Board of Theology in Perspective, a parent corporation in Michigan which hosts Scofield Bible Institute and Theological Seminary.
He holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Scofield Seminary, and serves as adjunct faculty member at the Seminary.
He is the writer of the Ministry’s newsletter, The Trumpeter, a newsletter that features commentary on current events and how they relate to the soon return of Jesus. Gary writes and manages the articles and information on the ministry website ( He also serves as tour host and leader of the Ministry’s sponsored tours of Israel.

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Copyright 2016

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