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Israel Travel Tips

Useful travel tips & information for your next journey to Israel.


The tap water in Israel is safe to drink. In the Dead Sea area, certain hotels advise not to drink the water as an extra precaution because of the potentially high sulfur content. Otherwise, the tap water is treated throughout the country just like any westernized country.

Israel Weather Forecast

Throughout the country spring (March-May) is pleasant and sunny weather that may require a jacket. Summer months (June-October) are warm, dry, and sunny in Jerusalem with cool evenings, while the Galilee and Tel Aviv regions are hot and humid. Winter months (November-February) in Jerusalem can be wet with a strong chilly wind, requiring a winter coat and scarf regularly. Other regions of the country generally experience milder winter temperatures. The Negev desert down to Eilat receives very little rainfall in the winter months, but the desert nights often require a coat for layering.

Israel Holidays

For a list of Jewish Holidays celebrated in Israel, please click below. Note: Where “National Holiday” is listed, most sites and shops are closed.

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