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Water, water and more water...

Reuven Doron

Breaking rainfall records of 50+ years, Israel continues to be blessed with an unusually wet winter this year. The Sea of Galilee continues to rise, the rivers and reservoirs are overflowing, and the underground Aquifers are filling up. Wow... thank God!

With the heavy rains also come flooding and damages in the low laying regions, and we ask the Lord to keep our people safe and protected during the stormy season.

Psalm 126:4 says "Restore our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the South." This scripture, while pointing towards the Lord's ultimate redemptive work for His people, sets this miracle in the context of the riverbeds in Israel's southern region, our NEGEV. Why?

In the South of Israel, riverbeds that may stand dry and waterless most of the year, come alive with roaring flash floods when rain storms, such as we are experiencing these days, dump large quantities of water up on the Judean mountains above the desert floor.

Within hours, flash-floods form in the riverbeds below, and soon the arid desert comes alive with millions of flowers blooming across its vast terrain. But, the danger of these floods remains for all those who are not prepared and are not "reading" the signs correctly. May we have eyes to see and hearts to understand all that the Lord is staying to His people during this wet winter.

Shabbat blessings to all our friends around the world.

Reuven Doron

For your entire SAR-EL team.

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