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Day Tours for Displaced Israeli Families

An initiative by Sar-El Tours to support displaced Israeli families

Since October 7th, the start of the war in Israel, more than 120,000 Israeli civilians have been evacuated from their homes. These families are in hotels, motels, and community centers all over the country, hoping and searching for ways to rebuild their lives.

Sar-El Tours senses a profound responsibility to support our fellow Israelis, so we have launched the following initiative:

  • Our Mission: Day Tours for Displaced Families We are proud to introduce our "Day Tours for Displaced Families" initiative. While we cannot replace the warmth and security of each of these families' own homes, we can offer a brief relief and a touch of joy and fun, and a break from their challenging circumstances. Our aim is to provide these families with a day of fun, relaxation, exploration, and a chance to smile, amidst the adversity.

  • How It Works: Donations from the Heart: We are reaching out to our global family of travel partners, clients and friends to gather donations. 100% of your donation will go directly towards these special day tours, ensuring that we can bring a moment of joy to as many affected Israeli families as possible.

  • The details: Families will embark on a full day journey through Israel's picturesque landscapes, while being guided by our passionate and knowledgeable team. It's a chance for them to take a break, enjoy the sights, and most importantly, put a smile on their faces. Your generous donation will directly fund these tours. Every contribution brings us closer to offering a day of comfort and joy to those who suffer.

Join Us in Making a Difference Your support not only offers solace to the displaced families, but also provides much-needed opportunities for our dedicated drivers and guides, who, due to the current situation, find themselves without work. Your donations will provide a much-needed distraction and create lasting memories for families facing the challenges of displacement.

Donation Options:

  • Sponsor 1 family on a tour - $100
  • Sponsor 3 families on a tour - $300
  • Sponsor 5 families on a tour - $500
  • Sponsor 7 families on a tour $750
  • Sponsor 10 families on a tour (1 Full Bus - With a personalized sign displaying the name of the donor (individual or organization)) - $1100
  • Sponsor 20 families on a tour (2 Full Buses - With a personalized sign displaying the name of the donor (individual or organization)) - $2200

If you would like to donate a larger amount, or if you would rather donate by a bank transfer, please contact us at

Donation Link

After clicking the link, you will be directed to our secure donation platform, where you'll find various options to support our cause. * Please ignore the tour date mentioned in the donation page.

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