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import React from 'react'; // material-ui components import withStyles from "@material-ui/core/styles/withStyles"; import Slide from "@material-ui/core/Slide"; import Dialog from "@material-ui/core/Dialog"; import DialogTitle from "@material-ui/core/DialogTitle"; import DialogContent from "@material-ui/core/DialogContent"; import DialogActions from "@material-ui/core/DialogActions"; import IconButton from "@material-ui/core/IconButton"; // @material-ui/icons import Close from "@material-ui/icons/Close"; // core components import Button from "components/CustomButtons/Button.js"; import modalStyle from "assets/jss/material-dashboard-pro-react/modalStyle.js"; const Transition = React.forwardRef(function Transition(props, ref) { return ; }); export default function Modal() { const [modal, setModal] = React.useState(false); const classes = useStyles(); return (
setModal(false)} aria-labelledby="modal-slide-title" aria-describedby="modal-slide-description" > setModal(false)} >

Modal title

Are you sure you want to do this?
); }

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