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Sar-El Travel Update

Shalom dear friends and warm greetings from Jerusalem.

Tour groups are arriving in Israel daily from all over the world to once again enjoy the special experiences of the Holy Land, and our Sar-El team is looking forward to host your group as well. The fall weather is perfect, and the biblical sites and historic churches are open for visitors as the land of Israel is welcoming her friends from the nations while gearing up for the Christmas season.

Good news continues to unfold as the entree restrictions for international visitors gradually relax, and we are glad to report today the following developments:

- Visitors who were vaccinated by a WHO approved vaccine during the six months preceding their arrival to Israel, or received a booster shot, can enter Israel as outlined in our most recent Travel Update.

- Visitors who were vaccinated by a WHO approved vaccine previous to the six months preceding their arrival to Israel can also enter under the following conditions:

  • They have only been to a "yellow" (low risk) country during the 14 days preceding their arrival to Israel.(See updated list).
  • They enter Israel through the Ben Gurion International Airport.
  • Group size can be 5-40 passengers, and may change according to regulations governing public events in indoor venues.
  •  Groups should be presented to the relevant authorities for approval by our Sar-El team up to two weeks before arrival.
  •  Groups requiring visas should be presented to the relevant authorities for approval  separately.
  •  Group members shall undergo a PCR test upon arrival and shall stay in their hotel until negative results are confirmed or 24 hours passed, whichever is sooner.
  •  Groups shall move as a capsule accompanied by our licensed and approved Sar-El Tour Guide.
  • Group members shall undergo a PCR test every 72 hours while they travel the land.
  • Should a group member become infected or be exposed to an infected person, he/she will be required to enter a quarantine at their own expense. (Quarantine period ends seven days after the visitor passes a negative PCR test).
  •  All visitors must arrive with a valid health insurance policy that covers Corona related expenses.

We realize that while the above is "Good News," the information can be confusing, and our team is standing by to walk you through the process as you prepare your group for travel. We are confident that the restrictions will continue to relax as we move forward, and that entrance into Israel will become easier and simpler over time. With the holiday season approaching and a busy winter ahead of us, be sure to contact us ASAP with your questions and needs. 

With 30 years of impeccable reputation and rich experience in every facet of Israel related travel services, our goal at Sar-El Tours remains YOUR satisfaction and the good experience of your group members.



Your Sar-El team.

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